Students Of dcb 2017 Marquan JONES

Keishawn Hayden
Keishawn is from Louisville,KY. He decided to attend DCB to play football and pursue his education. Muhammed Ali was born in Louisville,KY. Keishawn likes to workout and listen to music on the daily. He is 21 years old.
Cordell Bird
Cordell is a 19 year old from Billings, Montana. He loves to play basketball and video games. Cordell will be transferring from DCB to a school back home. He is a die hard fan of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Billings is also referred to as The Magic City.
Nick Madourie
Nick is from the state of Florida. He was a All State defensive lineman his senior year of school. He is a 19 year old kid who loves to lift weights and study football. Nick keeps a smile on his face and love to laugh.
Latarian Boone
Latarian is known as "Boon" on campus. You can catch Boon in his room watching movies, playing video games, and hanging out with his teammates. He is a 19 year old football player from the state of Michigan.
Adam Stenson
Adam is from as small town called Enderlin, ND. Adam chose to come to DCB because it was the only option he had left to play baseball. You really don't see Adam unless he is sitting in Mead hall Lobbies or walking to class. He likes to watch sports on TV and play video games for fun. North Dakota is the leading produces of the sunflowers in the United States.
Demarri Morgan
Demarri is known as "Spaghetti" on campus. He is always joking around and looking to have a debate about music or sports. He likes to eat and play basketball in his free time. Also from the state of Michigan, Demarri came to DCB to get away from home and play football.
Lacey Patzer
Lacey is a 23 year old DCB photography student who will soon be married to her Fiancee named Gus. She is chill sometimes, always on time to class and ready to work. She is from Minot,ND but lives in Martin,ND. There is only 40 people in her town. Her and her husband are the youngest couple in town.
Art Nelson
Art is known for being really goofy and playful. He loves to play football and workout. He is a 21 year old from Florida. Florida has great weather and where every goes for vacation.
Kalik Lewis
Kalik is a 20 year old from Cincinnati,OH. Kalik likes to be creative and play football. You only see Kalik around on campus every few days. He doesn't talk much unless spoken to. The first ambulance service was established in Cincinnati in 1865.
George Matthey
George is also a 18 year old football player from the state of Michigan. George likes to sleep a lot and sometimes get on your nerves lol. He can be a really talkative person sometimes. Michigan is known as the Great Lake State.
Cedric Terry
Cedric is a 19 year old DCB football player from Minneapolis,MN. In his hometown there are really nice art museums and art sculptures. Cedric likes to play football, draw, cut hair, and do tattoos. Cedric usually is playing video games or playing basketball in his free time.
Chris Hill
Chris is a 18 year college football player from Ely, Nevada. Chris stays to himself most of the time, unless you speak to him first. You will usually see Chris standing outside by his self in deep thought or in his room talking on the phone. Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state in the U.S.
Abdul Fofana
Abdul is from the Motherland Africa. Abdul says that he loves Africa because it is much more freedom and the people are a lot happier. He is a 20 years old basketball player who recently committed to Division one basketball program Missouri State. Abdul is cool with everyone and loves to watch basketball in his free time.
Devynn Williams
Devynn is almost everyone's friend on campus. He has a bright personality and always keeps a smile on his face. Devynn is a 18 year old student from Detroit,MI. Many don't make it out of there. Detroit has one of the highest crime ratings in the country. When you see Devynn, it will usually be in Mead Hall clowning with his teammates.
Producer of project Marquan Jones
I am Marquan. A 22 year old photographer and football player from Lansing, Mi. I love creating and working out on the daily. I'm usually reading and seeking wisdom in my free time. I put God before any and everything, pain has driven me to become what I have became. The point of this project was to show the uniqueness in the different places that people come from and to tell you a little bit about some DCB students.
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Marquan Jones


Marquan Jones

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