Jeffrey Dahmer By: Cameron shockley

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960. Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender. His murders included rape, dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism.

As a child he was sexually molested by a neighbor boy. This is believed to have provoked some of these thoughts.

At age 10, Dahmer started to experiment with dead animals.

Some of those animals included rodents, chickens and dogs.

"I go nuts for walls." - meme by Cam
"When you think your cool but you're just a little chicken." - meme by Cam

During Dahmer's high school career he began drinking heavily. He started hanging with the (not) "cool kids."

"Dose this picture make me look awesome?" - meme by Cam

Dahmer once said that his thoughts toward necrophilia and murder started around age 14. It was later discovered that his parents' bad marriage and their divorce may have been the reason for these thoughts becoming actions.

His parents were always getting into fights.

Right after graduating high school he picked up a hitchhiker and took him to his parents house.

"Nice house. murder me in it." - meme by Cam

When at his parents house he got the hitchhiker drunk, but when the hitchhiker tried to leave Dahmer killed him, cut his body parts up, placed them into bags and buried them in the back yard.

Hitchhiker says, "Cool looking garage. What do you store in it?" Jeffrey Dahmer says, "dead peoples' body parts. Your next." - meme by Cam

After high school his father made him join in the army, but he was soon after kicked because of his alcohol problem.

Notice the cup of alcohol on the table below this text box.

Soon after he was kicked out, his dad sent him to his grandmother's house do to feir of arrest. But do to his alcohol problem he was arrested for indecent exposure. he was arrested again when two boys accused him of masterbating in frount of them.

"Grandma, I told you to not disturb me when I am raping a dead corpse." - meme by Cam

This is when he made his second kill. His friend and him checked into a hotel. They were, of course, drinking that night. When Dahmer awoke he found his friend dead in the room. Not remembering what happened the previous night he bought a really big suitcase and stuffed his friend in it. He then took the suitcase to his grandmother's house basement and dismantled it and masterbated on corpes before disposing it.

"Perfect hotel to get high and kill your friend!" - meme by Cam

These murders went on for more than 13 year. He mostly sought out African-American men at gay bars, malls and bus stops, took them home promising money or sex, and gave them alcohol with drugs before killing them.

"That moment when you get caught masterbating in public and just don't care." - meme by Cam

That September, a 13-year-old boy accused Dahmer of sexual exploitation. Dahmer pleaded guilty and said that the boy appeared older.

"Someone accuses me of sexual assault and I am just like - Seriously." - meme by Cam

A day in the future a women down his street called the police about a boy running down the street naked. when they got there Dahmer claimed that the boy was his 19 year-old lover (the boy was 14 years-old). So the police escorted them back to Dahmer's house where they barely looked around (missing the body to one of Dahmer's victims).

Dahmer says, "Hey kid let's go to room 213." kid says, "OK." - meme by Cam

Dahmer killed four more people before being put under arrest. In his trial he at first pleaded innocent even though he pleaded guilty in police interviews. He later pleaded guilty to virtue of insanity. It was later found him guilty and, in all aspects, sane.

"You say racist but I say that's just what I like." -meme by Cam

In the early-1990s an inmate killed Dahmer for being unrepentant of his crimes. The inmate claimed that some of the people in prison were repentant of what they did, but he was sorrowful for the crimes that were committed by him. He stated that Dahmer would make human body parts out of his food and add ketchup to to represent blood. Dahner was so grateful that he had made this crimes that this inmate had to kill him.

the man who ended the madness. Good job.


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