My Adventure at the Natural History Museum By Kyle Osfield

I enjoy the underwater exhibit a lot. There is a lot of mystery and unknown still surrounding many creatures that live in the murky depths and there are always new discoveries coming out about creatures living in the deep. The ocean and underwater are some of the most fascinating frontier to me since the creatures that live there have to survive under such immense pressure of the water. The museum allows us to step out of our everyday lives to enter a field which we generally don't get to experience, learning and experiencing at our own pace (learning about interesting stuff that might spark the interest of a young learner or an older soul looking for guidance in their life path) about stuff that we choose to look at and examine. The museum allows us to get a look at some of the most interesting and historically important information and displays around and can evoke powerful thoughts and actions.
The exhibit of the Calusa and other Native tribes that lived and still live in and around the United States area is very interesting and excellent and one of my favorite exhibits. This exhibit ties in nature and ethics due to their use of nature and their utilization and appreciation for it and then the ethics of how they interacted with other tribes for trade, peace or war as well as the ethics of those who invaded their land and took it from them, often with violence and force. Others seemed to enjoy the exhibit just as much as I and many actually were reading the information boards. People were definitely engaged and learning about the exhibit which is wonderful.
I have always loved the cave and outdoor ecosystem exhibit that the natural history museum has to offer. The Interactive cave has always been my favorite ever since I went when I was a young kid back in the day. I have always like to learn about creatures in caves and the formations that go along with it. I also enjoy outdoor settings and more reserved, quiet spaces like a cave as well.

All photos taken by Me (Kyle Osfield) at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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FPNGamingHQ .Kyle Osfield


Kyle Osfield, 2017

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