Retreating Seeing with fresh eyes

On Sunday after church (yep, real short sermon!) I hopped on a plane and came out to New York for a week's vacation/retreat.. When I lived in Manhattan back in the day, I hardly ever visited the country. Now I forget about the City. My first stop was the Storm King Art Center, once on my bucket list and now on the "return next year" list. Amazing place!

I have parishioners who originally designed the Center and the grounds; Yay, Joyce!

Three days in, and I am so thankful for the time away. I have already spent time doing what I love best, photography, and here are some of the things I have seen.

The alluring fall colors which are fading, but not gone yet. There are still bursts of full color dotting the muting landscape.

Who can resist the sunglow leaves?

Which become ever brighter as they mix with the ones who fell down first.

They remind me of scattering ashes at sea. They float and swirl and sink, then are gone.

The grassy slopes of a Maya Lin piece mirroring the hills and the gentle sky (which is amazing, since it snowed lightly here last week!)

I am very drawn to straight lines these days, and craggy dark trees.

Straight lines intersecting.

And a perfect row of individual trees. My favorite healing story is in Mark 8: Jesus says to the man "can you see now? And the man says “Yes...I see people, but I can’t see them very clearly. They look like trees walking around.” These trees remind me of people!

The already-shed tree in the middle of a circle of gold: like the active process of dying...the fading surrounded by the ones who will one day soon give over their leaves too.

I have been exploring walls recently, and Goldsworthy's Wall was one of my "must-sees". Here, Wall enters a pond gently and re-appears on the other side.

There is a lot of peeking under things to be done here...here peeking under a tree heavy with leaves just about to be released.

Loved this Peace Sign which was hard to see at many angles.

Clear Peace and scruffy wild tree, perfect.

A pair of peapod leaves, in the pile under my feet.

Strolling on a late fall day. Soon it will be winter, but not today.

A path of my own to follow!

And nature to play in. So grateful for God's creation.

Created By
Stacey Grossman


All photographs by Stacey Grossman.

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