The Follow Up March 2017

The March madness continued both on and off the court as the Office of Admissions handled full Daily Visits along with multiple programs such as Introducing Purdue, Boiler Tracks Day, Explore Purdue and Purdue's For Me. With the help of some slam-dunk ambassadors and admissions staff, the month of March was successful overall with increasing numbers of guests and positive feedback. Continue reading to see what our visitors had to say about their time on campus in March!

Nice Quote of the Month

I loved the way the tour was set up with the academic tour, then the info session, and then student life tour. It was something different.

I liked how on the academic tour, my tour guide was very well versed with what he was going to say. He also knew a lot about the campus and majors other than his. He was also very out-going and energetic, which made the tour interesting.

It was very clean, the facilities seemed very well maintained and I appreciated the presentation.

The best thing about the tour was the fantastic tour guide. He gave a great tour. He knew everything and answered every question

The guides there were really helpful in stopping to answer questions as we went along, which was really nice. They told us about their personal experiences and what they love best about campus life, which I found to be quite exciting and interesting. It really enhanced my enjoyment of it all.

I liked that everybody was so nice and welcoming. It seems like Purdue really wants their students to succeed on what they are passionate about.

I think overall the tour was very informative, and it helped a lot that my tour guide was very happy to be there and I could tell that she really wanted to help me, not just recruit me.

The tour was very organized and on time while being informative in all the right ways. The campus is well planned and transportation is efficient.

I really liked the atmosphere of the campus and the surrounding town of West Lafayette.

I liked how undergrads are able to start to research what they want.

The school spirit was also evident at every turn, with a "Boiler Up!" wherever we went.

I enjoyed the friendly alum!

I loved starting by looking at the 3D map of the campus. That initially caught my eye and I loved the layout.

Mean Quote of the Month

The tour did not make me feel welcome

This tour felt like a cattle call. Too many people with no real information about the school.

Purdue did not do much to sell itself compared to other universities we have visited. Did not go over campus transportation, safety or security, there is a serious lack of financial support, buildings we were shown were old, when we signed up for a tour we were not told it was spring break.

As we toured on a cold Saturday morning, the campus felt like a ghost town. Despite the beauty of the campus and all it has to offer academically and with Big 10 sports, Purdue felt hollow.


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