Afghan Children, Deprived of School, Tell of Their Deepest Fears By:Lydia long

~ In Afghanistan the Afghan forces fight the Taliban day and night for their citizens, rights, and freedom.

~ For all children especially girls it is very difficult for them to get a good education because of all of the violence.

~ this month 3.7 million girls and boys would have been going to school. But, because of how much violence there is, these children will not be educated until the fighting stops.

~Linda who is only twelve years old, lives in northeastern Afghanistan says " If I don’t go to school, I will become nothing in the future; if I go to school, I will become a doctor. I want to become a doctor."

~I chose this article because it is important to be aware about the crucial environments kids today are living in.

~ this article relates to our theme because it is a perfect example of today's society as a true dystopia. This environment, for all people is dangerous, scary, and concerning. This is an example of dystopian lifestyle because every morning when the children adults and elders wake up they all have to worry or be concerned that this day might be their last.

Talaban- a terrorist organization who performs violent acts based on ridical religious beliefs.

1. If you were living in Afghanistan and you had to wake up go to sleep to the sound of gunshots what would you do to feel safe in this dangerous environment? Why, and explain.

2. How does the violence in Afghanistan relate to the violence in Chicago? Explain your answer.


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