The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights By: FErnanda reyes

The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights is a group with more than 200 members trying to create an atmosphere of safety for those who seek and support the civil and human rights of citizens in the United States. They strive to make all things just and to provide need for those who are in need of representation such as fighting discrimination. The Leadership Conference Education Fund is in partner with them which builds public will for federal policies. The Education Fund's campaigns help and mobilize advocates around the country to try for change in the United States.

Wade Henderson - President and CEO


  • To help grow our democracy
  • Re-create our Justice System
  • Creating stronger relationships within communities
  • To enforce Equality for everyone
  • Attend all congressional hearings
  • Legal and legislative search
Victories that the group has accomplished over the years. They have successfully authorized the Violence Against Women's Act, pushing the Federal Communications Commissions to help prisoners,
Although this group niether gives or receives donations from Congress they do accept donations which turn out very well for them. For example the Samaritan donation was oven from generous donors from Africa that promote Global rights.

Out of there 200 and plus members they all have strong legal research, communications and writing skills, attention to detail, a desire to work with diverse groups of people, the ability to multitask, and a strong commitment to all social justice issues.

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Kenya Reyes

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