ecosystem parts by keAGan CONLEY

pg 330 Theme Reader Everything needs each other like food chains are important for animals. Sometimes animals eat more then one animal. From a web you can also tell what kind of consumer an animal is. And all of the animals depend on each other to survive. pg 324 Theme Reader The parts of ecosystems are all connected. Each separate part is important to the whole ecosystem.

pg 342 Theme Reader Sometimes a new species moves from one habitat to another one. Animals like that are called invasive species. And then there are big changes in a ecosystem. Sometime animals will eat anything they can find and that will cause problems for other animals. Invasive species are most dangerous when they have a big appetites and no predators. So it's importent that we take care of are animals


Created with images by Richard Allaway - "Seaton Sands towards Seaton Carew"

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