The colony of Pennsylvania By: novaleigh cremeans

1.The colony moved form England to the place now called Pennsylvania and made a new settle ment.

2.Quakers been in jail 10 time and hes lucky that he didnt die becuase if you belived in something else your be put in jail or worse be killed.

3. Penn hoped that Pensylvania people lived in peace so he made laws to help him make people lived in peace.

4. The Americans Indians made freand ship with the England colony and this lasted 70 years.

5. Benjamin Franklin moved to Phiadelphia in 1723.

6. The English government had to pay taxes and the people were get angry becuase they had to pay and couldn't vote as well.

7. On July 4 congress approved the Declaration of Independence and thats why we watch fire works on 4 of July.

8. In 1777 Washington lead the soldiers and fight the British to try to keep them out of Philadelphia but the British won the fight.

9. Benjamin Franklin came to Frence and ask them for help aginst the British and the did help him angist the British.


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