Baxter Dent Behind the memes

My favorite animal is a turtle

i am not sure why I'm a turtle person

Here is a list of famous turtle people

Also, I can speak (kinda) French

20% once i refresh my forgotten subjects

I'm very forgetful

I forgot about the turtle people

This is a cat

This is what i do for fun

Debugging is not fun

I like puns

Here is a dank pun

What did the programmer say when he couldn't debug his program?







It's imparseable

I can type in DVORAK

this is what qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm looks like in DVORAK


its really interesting

*cyber dab*

I got an A on Chinese without paying any attention, or studying. I do that a lot XD but not for english/humanities :3

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Baxter Dent


Created with images by peteoshea - "Turtle" • Pexels - "carapace marine turtle ocean" • fxxu - "turtle water turtle portrait" • domeckopol - "water turtle reptile nature" • scazon - "Turtle" • Pexels - "underwater turtle sea turtle" • tpsdave - "loggerhead turtle sea ocean" • Tama66 - "turtle water water turtle" • 53084 - "turtle animals water creature" • Gonmi - "Tortugas" • taisnf - "sea ​​turtle diving mar" • Gonmi - "Tortugas" • Gonmi - "Tortugas" • Renata Avila - "Troll Face" • - "Facebook-Changes-Motivational-Poster-Mark-Zuckerberg-Funny-4" • wapiko☆ - "cat" • Renata Avila - "Troll Face" • popofatticus - "P1020130"

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