The Blind Side By Michael Lewis

Date of Publication: September 2, 2006

Michael Lewis is an acclaimed writer, who Lewis was born in New Orleans to corporate lawyer J. Thomas Lewis and community activist Diana Monroe Lewis. He attended Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. He then attended Princeton University where he received a cum laud AB in art history in 1982 and was a member of the Ivy Club.

The Blind Side took place in Shelby County, in Memphis.

The main character Michael Oher is an enormous black kid, who comes from foster care. Due to the absence of his crack head mother, and father who is frequently in prison. Oher was a lost child, often receiving little attention in school, he went to 11 different schools in his first 9 years of school. However, he caught a break, and with a couple lucky turns he got into Briarcrest Christian School. Where his football career took off.

Michael Oher's soon to be mother, Lee Anne Tuoy, through adoption is a strong willed person. She is very caring, and compassionate woman. Once Michael is taken into their home she loves and protects him like on of their own. Anyone who speaks poorly of what she is doing, she separates herself from.

Michael the poor boy from the "ghetto" is taken in by the Tuoy's. He lives a life he has never lived. He has his own bed, car and clothes. He is the token black kid at Briarcrest Christian academy, but stands out not only because of his skin but size and speed. He becomes an elite football and basketball player. His memories of his past is an issue for him, and picking which college to play football at.

Michael Lewis's writing style is powerful. He is very good at describing the football side of the book. And even better at making the emotional scenes, bring you to tears, anger, or joy.

I like the book because it is well written, based on a subject I like, and a powerful book about good people who did a good thing.

The authors message about life in the blind side, is that one persons actions can cause a ripple effect, positively effecting many people.

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