All About Me 9/18/2020

This week in the Toddler room we talked bout “All About Me”. The Toddlers shared their favorite foods, animals, and pictures of themselves and their families. We looked at our mirror reflections and looked at our hair and eye color and shared similarities and differences about them. We played different games to see if the Toddlers could identify their eye and hair color. The Toddlers learned about the uses of different body parts including the hands, feet, ears and eyes. Next week our topic is “Body and Senses” and we will further talk about the body.


Parts of the body matching cards
Hand washing matching cards


Primary colors matching tiles
Knobbed Cylinder (3 cylinders)
Knobbed Cylinders
Object Permanence


Sandpaper numbers
1 to 1 cards tree

Practical Life

Spill and Sweep


Play dough mat
Art project parts of the face

Thank you for sending in the "All about me" form. If you haven’t sent one in yet and would like to; please do so and we will still share it next week. Each week pictures of children engaging in the class room will be added to the scribbles. This weeks pictures include both the infant and Toddler classrooms. :-)


Created with an image by MireXa - "child drawing picture"