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Developer: Redseed Technologies Private Limited

Founding Date: 24 May 2018

Website: http://redseed.cc

Social Media: www.facebook.com/redseedtechnologies



Press/Business Contact: ayushraj@redseed.cc


Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPG Demo


Niara: Rebellion Of the King is a visual novel RPG which features turn based battles and map exploration as well as dialogues in visual novel style. This makes it a game which can portray the story well as well as provide the player with proper RPG gameplay and can be made by an indie studio in a reasonable budget and time. The focus of the development team rests both on the story as well the RPG aspect of the game. The demo of the game has already been released with an eye catching trailer. The full version is expected to be released by April 2019.


A small team of individuals were brought together and directed to work on the development of this. Ayush Raj from Redseed Technologies started planning for the game since October 2011. Many different genres and platforms for game development were tried and tested. After many years of trying and failing and juggling game development with education he decided on going with the Visual Novels. Ayush is a good programmer and has a B.tech degree in Computer Science and therefore things like, web designing was easily done.

Renpy was the obvious tool for making the game. This is because Ayush had already designed two full length video games with Renpy. One of them was a love story (A Sweet Meeting) and the other was an RPG (Flower Field) similar to Niara. They can still be found here: http://keyboardsan.blogspot.in. A lot of code from Flower Field was used in Niara. This includes the code for turn based battles as well as map exploration.

The real work on the game began in August 2017 when he sat down to design the basic framework of the game and also purchase the necessary software while he was at it. The budget was seriously tight as he was and still is a student.

In May 2018, the private limited company Redseed Technologies (http://redseed.cc) was founded with Ayush and both of his parents being the directors and sole members. This created an opportunity to hire artists for the game! Hence, Serena Susan Abraham from Maeer's Institute of Design was hired as an intern to make character art for the game. She did an amazing job. She was always punctual and hardworking and created quality content.

The soundtrack for the game was still a problem. Ayush has zero talent in creating music. This is where the solo band Illusion comes in (instagram.com/constellations.illusoires). This band is run by Anish Gupta, one of Ayush's good friends from high school. He licensed six of his songs for the game.

By the time the soundtracks were delivered the demo of the game was already complete. Now all that was left to do was to put the soundtracks in it and show it to the world.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=619RAl3ST-s

Google Play Demo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=niara.rotkdemo.origin



In game screenshots
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Character sheets for in game characters


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Ayush Raj (instagram.com/ayushraj1024 / ayushraj1024@gmail.com / ayushraj@redseed.cc)

Serena Susan Abraham (instagram.com/ahoytherem8ey / serena.susan96@gmail.com)

Anish Gupta (instagram.com/constellations.illusoires / anishgupta19495@gmail.com)





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