Bodensee-Königssee Radweg Siegsdorf, bavaria (DAY 6)

We shared the hotel buffet breakfast with a tour bus of Chinese tourist... always an interesting experience!

We hit the road early again with no expectations this time of any extra curricular activities for later in the day and before long, one of our team members did! Literally! The only small patch of loose gravel on a bend brought one of ours down taking a lot of skin off and bruising the thumb. After a dust off and a wipe down with “wet ones” we would soon loose this member to the sad wagon to assist in a quick recovery.

Again perfect weather showcased the rural Bavaria and we are now getting used to the strong agricultural smells that emanate from the local farms.

Overall the ride wasn’t as hard as the day before and even with a number of rest stops we managed a very reasonable time so an extra curricular activity did indeed go ahead with a cable car ride up Hochfelln mountain in the Bavarian Alps for some spectacular views!

The evening finished off with meeting Heidi and Karl (friends of one of the couples within the team). Heidi and Karl will assist us all in getting to know Salzburg better in a couple of days time!

Early morning view from our hotel window

The Fall

Hochfelln Cableway

Cornflake crumbed Turkey Salad
Evening Storm
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Stephen Mathieson

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