Zimbabwe Zambezi River-Victoria Falls-Hwange & Chizarira

Zimbabwe in 2016 is a country in turmoil. Beset by bad leaders and bad decisions. Do not give up hope as the country is filled with beautiful people, animals and landscape. We loved ever minute of it!

sundowners on the planes

Sunset on the Zambezi

Canoeing on the Zambezi with Beth, TK & a hippo

Elephants. Such loving family animals.

Beautiful eyelashes

More people are killed by hippos in Africa then any other animal, ask Beth

Canoe divorce

Such colors

A stunning Sable

Remains of a Elephant

Nighttime in Hwange
My nose iches

Protect my butt I protect yours

We didn't see a kill we almost became the kill.

Are you sure you want to track me in that high grass?
Sunset on the Zambezi
Chizarira Park
Created By
Andrew Goldberg

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