My Passion of Baking By: Grace DiMeo

How Does Baking Help Mentally?

Baking has proven to help mental health. Here are five reasons baking helps mental health:

1.)Baking is Meditative - a baking is a repetitive simple task that requires focous onto one point. This allows the person to forget all else that isn't happening in the moment.

2.) Baking Stimulates the Senses - the five senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste, all are fully engaged while baking. The baker must judge the batter on sight or the finished product. The smell of the ingredients or the oven when it opens, ingredients like lemon or vanilla are the most pleasant. Hearing, the ingredients can be sightly stimulated as well, such as the pouring of sugar into a metal bowl. Touch, is the most important sense, the baker is working with the batter or dough which fully engages the persons focous. Lastly, taste is the end point, the fruit of your labor. There's nothing sweeter then having a wonderous baked good to taste.

3.) Nourishing activities make people feel good - as humans anything nourishing such as cooking, taking a shower, warming up after a windy day outside, feels good. Baking is a nourishing act, for it includes making food as well as pleasing a sweet tooth.

4.) Baking is creative - there is no limit to baking, as,soon as one gets a basic recipe, they can create something extrodinary. This could be expressed in icing, decorations, the shape of the cake, or even changing the flavor.

5.) In the end there are enough sweets to go around so sharing with others makes you feel good as well. Sharing a sweet treat with a friend will surely never go wrong. Not to mention the feeling you get when you did a good deed.

I've been baking for as long as I can remember, it started with my grandmother and I baking sponge cake, which is a simple mixture of egg whites, four, and sugar. Now I've grown in my love for baking and make different levels of doing such. I went from making cookies to making macaroons, tarts, and pies. Not only has it kept me occupied as an only child, but it has also brought joy to those around me, as well as myself. I am fully engaged in the kitchen and love the end product as well as the joy it brings to others. -Grace DiMeo


I interviewed Alerto Sanalavlle co-owner and pastry chef of the bakery "Amigos". He opened the business when he was young, his first job was in a bakery. There he saved money then opened his own. He is inspired to make baked goods because he loves the joy in everyone, especially at a birthday party where his cake is the star of the table. When I asked him what his favorite pastry to make was, he had a hard time picking a specific one. He settled on a traditional layered cake but above all he states "everything we make there, we make with pride." He takes frosting a cake extremely seriously, he says if the cake does not look good it will not sell. "When you frost a cake you want to make it something really nice. Something people remember it for. Not just the taste but the look too." He did not have childhood experience with baking but overtime his love for it grew. So much so that he had opened his own. He gave me an inside look of the kitchen as well as the piping bags he uses and the ingredients. The interview was a success and Mr Sanalavlle was glad to take part in it.

Name : Alerto Sanlavalle, Amigos

"That's what a lot of people don't realize about baking you're not limited to that just one thing. If you can have a good knowledge about a lot of basic things, you can expand on it in a million different ways." - Ms DeProspo

I decided to interview Ms DeProspo so I can get another opinion on how baking makes a positive impact in her life.

*The background of this slide are Buckeye Balls, made by Ms. DeProspo herself.

"Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get." -Forest Gump

Just like life, baking is trial and error, something you would have a beautiful tasty outcome, other times it would spoil and burn. It was Christmas Eve and I had to make 4 dozen cookies. The night had to be special and everything had to be perfect, the desserts were on my shoulders. The cookies were going to be my signature chocolate chip. I made my dough but forgot one important steps adding an additional 2 table spoons of flour, because of my error the cookies came out of the oven flat as a pancake and filled with holes. My entire batch was ruined. Eventually I realized my error then fixed it accordingly. Someone had told me "being a professional means you'll know what to do when things don't go as planned."

Just like life, things do not always go as planned you may have the right steps to doing something but the end result doesn't go as planned. Unlike baking life does not come with instructions, but just like baking, you can try again to find the mistake you made. Being a professional at life will never actually happen, it takes time and a lot of trial and error. Eventually it will get easier, it will run smooth and be sweet, just like caramel.

The Science Behind Cookies

Cookies are actually a big science experiment, all the measurements are precise for a reason. If 3 C. of baking soda is added to 1 tsp. of vinegar little will happen, that's why ingredients must be balanced. The science behind why baking soda or powder is needed in a cake is simply because they produce carbon, which rises and makes the cake fluffy. All ingredients are important to make such a delicious scientific treat.

In Conclusion

Baking can help an individual emotionally and mentally. It can bring family together and passed down through the generations. It encourages creativity and can build character. Baking is my passion because it has gotten me through tough times and has brought my family together. Any basic cake is boring but if you add creativity and your own twist on it, it could become something grand.

Classic Chocolate Chip
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