Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight year By Andrew Lanni

Summary of the article: Scientist have marked January 18th, 2017 as the highest global temperature in three years, topping the record in 2015 that broke the 2014 record. This has been the third year in a row where the recorded global temperature record has been broken. This discovery was made two days before Donald J. Trump's inauguration into office; a man who will lead the nation and claims that he'll be a man of the people, although he continues to deny climate change and ignore the scientific evidence that proves it exists. As the temperatures continue to increase, environmental experts know that this is going to threat the natural standard of living of many organisms that we as humans depend on. Thus it will have an effect on human civilization. The occurrence of El Niño (A release of energy and water vapor in the Pacific) actually assisted in intensifying the temperature throughout 2014-2016. Although El Nino assisted in warming the environment, studies have shown that the primary force that drives global warming are carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases. Now that it's 2017 and El Nino has ended, experts expect it to be a cooler year than 2016. However, with the Trump administration currently in charge of our government it imposes many worries to environmentalists and people alike because they believe he will neglect the well being of the environment.

"NASA’s calculations suggested that the planet had warmed by well over a half-degree Fahrenheit from 2013 to 2016. That is a huge change for the surface of an entire planet to undergo in just three years, and it appears to be the largest temperature increase over a three-year period in the NASA record, which begins in 1880."

Analysis of the article: This article discusses the data that was recorded of the past three years on climate change, the warming of our environment, the effects we've seen so far, and the worries for the future. Many people understand and realize climate change as something that is a threat and is very real, however, the writer talks of his and the environmental science communities concerns of how our government will play a role in fixing our environment. So far, we have seen Trump's nominee for the administrator of the EPA who seems to be a "false representative" of the environment. His administration plans on funding an already huge fossil fuel industry that is damaging to our environment. He's already passed the construction of the Dakota pipeline. These are many reasons why we should be more worried for the future of ourselves and the environment than ever before.

During the fall of 2016, the heat extremes of the Arctic reached to temperatures between 20-30 degrees fahrenheit which is melting the sea ice in the area. Many animals and their populations are struggling with events like coastal erosion which is a result of climate change. Not only will this affect those populations and their habitats but sea levels will increase as well.


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