Seminaries Against Cyberbullying "If you want to give a light to others you have to glow yourself" - President Thomas s. Monson

Our Purpose:

In the thirteen chapter of the Book of John our Savior invites us to love one another as He loves us. The second fundamental of Gospel Teaching and Learning is to "Cultivate a learning environment of love, respect and purpose" ( Despite all that we strive to implement into the classroom our students still can partake in and suffer from the effects of bullying.

We invite you to use the following information to be used a resource to increase awareness and prevent the unwanted effects of cyberbullying.

The Impact:

In 2016 researchers found that one third of 12-17 year-olds have experienced some form of cyberbullying (Hinduja & Patchin, 2016).

Studies also estimate that 840,000 students stayed home from school because they felt unsafe on their way or at school (Patchin, 2016).

58% of students that have been bullied online have not told their parents (Adams, n.d).

Cyberbullying can be defined as "willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices" (

Prevention & Education:

  • Common Sense Media Toolkit - is a non-profit website that empower teachers, parents, and students with information and tools to help "harness the power of media and technology" (2017). You can find a toolkit for each grade level with activities, videos, and lessons designed to increase prevention in the classroom.
  • - Cyberbuling: What Teachers and Students Can Do - Caralee Adams (2017) provides information that enables students and teachers on how to handle cyberbullying. Adams includes ways to recognize, how to respond, and how to get others involved in order to prevent and eliminate cyberbullying.
  • Cyberbullying - The National Crime Prevention Council provides education, training, tools, activities, podcasts, and other resources on how to promote and prevent the dangers of cyberbullying.

International Society for Technology in Education is the largest teacher/non-profit organization in the world of educational technology. sets the standards of technology for teachers and students in education. It is one of the best resources to help educate students and teachers on how to implement safety and technology use in the classroom.

Best Practice Example:

Invite your students to watch the following message from President Deter F. Uchtdorf on preventing bullying. After the students watch the clip assign them in groups to make their own video on how they can apply the words of President Uchtdorf in the classroom.


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