The Apple/Samsung Rivalry Never Side With Popular Belief

iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

Since 2010, iPhones and Galaxys have been battling head to head for the majority of smartphone buyers. The most recent Apple phone is the iPhone 7, which was released on Sept. 16, 2016. On March 11, 2016, Samsung released the Galaxy S7. There are over 90.1 million iPhone users and over 61.3 million Galaxy users according to The popular vote goes to the iPhones, but really people should be flocking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There are reasons that the iPhone has 29 million more customers than the Galaxy. The iPhone has more two more colors to chose from than the Samsung Galaxy. Applications are a big factor of purchasing an iPhone. There are many apps that are only available on the iPhone app store. The iPhone back camera has the same resolution as the Galaxy, but the front camera is what more people are using these days. "I like the quality of the iPhone pictures, because they come out very clearly," Chet Ellis said, a teen who has owned an iPhone for a little bit over a year. Lastly, many television shows use slight knockoff's of iPhones as the "cool" phone. For instance, in "iCarly", the iphone is the Pear Phone, which is a knock off of apple, "The Big Bang Theory" uses iPhones but covers up the logo. People buy the iPhone based on its entertainment factors, rather than the hardware quality of the phone.

The truth is, all smartphone buyers should run to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Samsung Galaxy has many features that are nonexistent or worse then the iPhone's. First off the base memory for iPhones is 16 gigabytes, while there is twice as much memory in the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy also has a feature that allows the owner to buy a higher memory card to put in the phone if needed. While in September, Apple just released their first phone with water resistance, Samsung's phones are more water proof than the iPhones, which just added the feature for the iPhone 7. Whether you use it in the shower, drop it in a toilet or a pool by accident, the Galaxy S7 is the way to go. The Galaxy S7 also has a wireless charging system, which will not be part of the iPhone until at least the iPhone 8, so the iPhone 7 takes about three and a half hours to charge fully, while the Galaxy S7 only takes 90 minutes. "My iPhone battery dies at least once per day, so I need to take a while out of my day to charge it," Logan Carstens, a Sophomore iPhone owner at Staples High School, said. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a large 5.1 inch screen for a base smartphone, but the iPhone is stuck with the 4.7 inch screen, which has not changed since the iPhone 6 in 2014. By a whopping amount, the Galaxy's screen resolution is greater than the iPhone's. The Galaxy S7 has a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, and disappointingly, the iPhone only has a resolution of 1,334 by 750 pixels. Clearly the screen of the iPhone is much less clear than the Galaxy S7. Also the Samsung Galaxy S7 is compatible with Samsung Virtual Reality! "I thought about switching to an iPhone, but then remembered that in general the Galaxy was better," Jake Pauley said, a Samsung phone owner for 3 years.

Overall, people are purchasing iPhones for the wrong reason, but if you are a Samsung Galaxy S7, you know your smartphone. People should start realizing soon that the Galaxy is the right phone to go with if you are trying to have the best quality phone. Sadly, because the amount of popularity and advertisements that the iPhone has, people are making themselves think that the iPhones are the better of the two. The people should make the right phone choice, and switch over to the Samsung Galaxy S7 if they get the opportunity.

The true fight between Samsung/Apple

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