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Q. What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

A.The most effective style of government is a representative democracy.A democracy is the best because you get to choose your representatives, and you and the representative you choose often have similar political viewpoints. This is called consent of governed.To say it another way, the citizens get to decide who they want to run the country for a period of time.And just to make sure that the president doesn't have too much power,there is something called rule of law. Rule of law means that nobody, not even the president, is above the law. Also,the government is split up into 3 different branches: the executive branch (president), the legislative branch, (congress), and the judicial branch, (Supreme Court). This system is called separation of power.This means that effectively, the president has all sorts of things blocking him from taking over the country.In conclusion, a representative democracy is the best form of government because: 1. No branch has too much power. 2. Citizens decide who should represent their country. 3. No one is above the law. 4. Citizens have rights that cannot be taken away.

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Q:What makes a good citizen?

A: A good citizen must know their rights and other people's, and then respect other people's rights while still doing your rights. Rights are things you have the privilege to do something that cannot be taken away by the government .You cannot be a good citizen if you don't respect others rights, or else you can be sent to jail, and good citizens don't go to jail. Some rights are to petition, to stay informed, and the right to freedom of speech. All good citizens do in them and use them to their full extent. Citizens also have responsibilities, which you should be doing. For instance, you have a responsibility to obey the laws so you can live a good life, to pay taxes so that the government can make things like highways, schools, libraries, parks and everything public that anyone can use. In conclusion, to be a good citizen, you must obey your rights and responsibilities.

A good citizen doing thier taxes.

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