Happy Birthday DAD! Valentine's Day

We know grandma Betsy not here to share this day . She showed her love with us in a special way . She left so much love for you to share on this special day.

Grandma Jayne ❤️

Dad this is for you...

Roses are Red and Volets are blue. Sometimes you can be the color of Roses too.
Ayden is three to four months old

Roses are red and and Legos are small have you seen this picture before ? Hold on that's not all...

Elijah Gotten Really tall.

(After )look at Eli's Legs
1 Player, 2 players, 3players 4 that's not enough to make a team, let's add one more.
4+1 = 5 ...That's us the Jayne gang Ayden you right on time!!
The Sky have many colors just like you. (His Hand.NC,OBX )
Noah & Ayen ( Noah tried every moment to get near. )
Happy Birthday DAD!
Am not sure what else he did with that, But.....
Dad & Noah
You teach us along the way.


Jump kicks

You always up for a good play fight.

Good Headlocks

"Come on pal let me put you in a headlock "
Jabez & Dad
"Your my Daddy"
*You are a great Coach and Leader.

The best Basket Ball Coach

Elijah game | Practice after a winning game with Coach Dad.

To be ourselves

The helpful one : Horse back rides from Elijah he's seems to always be there.
Big feet , no socks
It's not what you think .

To Be hard working young men

12,13,14, and it is done. we work hard like you taught us we hope you like it all.
3 days from 2/14/16

We Love you Dad

Thank you for everything Dad .

Happy Birthday & Valentine's

From: Elijah, Johnny, Jabez, Noah, Ayden.

Created By
Jayne Gang


Created with images by Steve Bowbrick - "41" • daveynin - "14 days of Colorado vacation"

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