Text as art yuna wang

Text as art

In this assignment, my idea from a carma picture. I used Myriad Pro to make a letter “E”, the size is 352.3. The letter “E”be the frame of the carma. I copy the other “E” for the other side of my carma.

Then I used OCR A Extended to make a letter”C”, the size is 245. The letter “C” be the lens collar.

I used Myriad Pro to make two letter”C”. The size is 192. The letter “C” be the lens.

I used Myriad Pro to make the teller”m”. The size is 37. The letter”M” be the key of the carma.

Then I used Niagara Solid to make the letter”A” “R” “E” be together. Seems like the flashlight.

Lastly, I used Palatino Linotype to make the letter”c”. Let it be rope.


Created with images by ume-y - "OLYMPUS PEN EE3" • Kevin Ryder - "upclose"

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