Capitalizing on Communism a cold, cold, dinner

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has invited prominent world leaders who served throughout the duration of the Cold War, an ideological battle between communism and capitalism, in hopes of that the guests will find common ground in spite of vastly contrasting philosophies.

The Guest List:


The dinner will take place in a modest, middle class, dinning room. Seeing as all the guests are people in high positions, accustomed to being treated to luxurious feasts, a simple wooden table will provide a dramatic change of pace.

The Menu; Appetizers:

Russian Pickles
Vegetables and Spinach Dip
Ricer Paper Rolls
Bolitas de Platanos

The Menu; Entrées

Beef Pho
Traditional Cuban Sandwhich

The Menu; Desserts

Apple Pie
Chè Chuối

The Seating Chart:

Theme: Soviet Leaders, American Leaders, and their allies

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