VEgas (quarantine) Isn't boring April 3-5

Spend your downtime at home by cooking or baking, working out or sleeping.


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Cooking and/or baking is a fun and productive way to spend your time at home. Look up recipes online or in cook books for anything that you would want to cook and try making it for yourself. By the time the quarantine is over, you'll be a whole chef.

When: Whenever

Where: Your home

Price: Free unless you need to buy ingredients


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With no gyms open, there's only so much that you could do at home in terms of exercising. Go for a run around the block or do workouts that don't require the use of equipment. Things like push-ups, sit-ups and planks are just a few exercises that don't need any equipment.

When: In the morning when you wake up or in the afternoon

Where: Your home

Price: Free


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Sleeping is a good way to past time if there's nothing else to do. Don't sleep all day though because that can either make you feel tired or mess up your sleep schedule.

When: Whenever

Where: Your bed, floor, couch, etc.

Price: Free