The plate boundries

Divergent Boundry

A Divergent plate is when two plates spread apart and magma from below rises from the fissure and goes to the ocean ridge. The stress that the Divergent boundary is tension from all the action of them pulling away. The motion from all the tension later on creates rift vallies, new crust, and creates splits into earths crust.


The pictures at the top are all examples of divergent boundaries. The first 2 are from Iceland, which they have a lot off faults. The last one is the famous San Andreas fault in California.

Real Life Event

The african Rift was formed along time ago from 23-25 million years ago. The rift created fresh water for everyone and influenced the nature of it greatly.

Convergent Boundary

A Convergent Plate is when two tectonic plates collide and the continental plate slides down under the mantle and creates a trench above the surface. The stress that is created is called compressive stress. That stress is then released that then makes earthquakes, volcanos, and forms mountains.

Land forms

The images above are some examples of landforms that Convergent boundaries make. The first picture shows The Himalayas which is on the border of India and the countries surrounding it. The second picture shoes the Grand Canyon which is in Arizona and u can see all the trenches and land form. Finally the third one is The Phillipenes.

Real Life Event

This is one real life earthquake due to the collision of a convergent boundary. This happend in the year of 1955. This earthquake which caused building to collapse and other dangerous things. The earthquake ranked at a 6.9 on the scale

Tranform Boundry

Transform plate boundaries are plates that slide against each-other. The stress that this creates shear stress. and then cause landforms to make or destructive things. The land forms that this plate tectonic creates are earthquakes the main main ting they make is earthquakes.

Land Forms

The first picture is The Andreas Fault in California which shoes how the ground was damaged by the multiple earthquakes that happend. The second picture is of Katmandu, Nepal Which shows the ground cracked from the plates sliding and created another earthquake. Finally the 3rd one shows THe rable of the earthquake in New Zealand.

Real life event

This is the Indian Ocean Earthquake that happend in 2004.The earthquake cause so many to The surrounding countries on the coast which whipped out most of it with water.

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