Gaby Burwell: A Runway Slave By Avi Kumar


Day 2

The Sword

The Sword was a weapon used as a weapon for English soldiers during the 1600's in Jamestown. There wore two kinds. One of them, mostly liked by later generations, was long and more flexible, used for thrusting. The other one, more used from more trained, and older soldiers, were shorter, and fatter. These knives were used for hand to hand combat. They have a covering, which is why the knives above are unsharp. These knives are extremely sharp, and can easily cut anything.

The Dancing Circle

This shows the dancing circle, which is an area surrounded by wooden poles, with one face in the middle. This is extremely interesting, because the only artifact we have from it is a painting. We know nothing about its purpose.

Day 3

The Blacksmith Shop

Today I visited the Blacksmith. The shop smelled strongly of ashes, and I coughed from the smoke because there was a fire inside. When I walked in, I saw a brick stand, fire burning on it, and I saw tools lining the wall. This shop makes and repairs metal goods. The process was fascinating to me! First, they take the metal and make it maleable and smooth, so they can cut it and create pieces like axils, and parts for different machines. To make the fire hotter, they used an air pump, called a bellodse. I, myself, would not shop there, as I was a slave, so my owner would purchase my tools for tobacco farming, such as a hoe. As a runaway, I would definetly not attend a Blacksmith shop, since it is a public shop, since people are out to kill me, as I am advertised as better dead then alive, so I need to be careful!

Day 4

The Governers Palace

Today I went to the Governers palace. The Governer is the person that lives here, but I would never come to this house. The gentry are the only one that visit the palace in the dining room to converse with the governer, so as my social class being an enslaved man, I would never be invited to this palace.

One room in the house was the family room, or the red room. This room is where the family would get together. It has a mirror and a table, which was where the governer's wife would fix her hair and dress up. There was also a small carriage, which was where the baby stayed when he/she was with his/her parents. Behind the table with the mirror, was a door that lead to a balcony, where the governer talked to his people. The walls were lined with red silk.

My favorite part of the house was the entrance room, which is the first room you see when entering. This room is extremely impressing. It has over 540 weapons, including muskets and swords. This shows the governers wealth, and how he is the head of the army. The governer is extremely powerful and this room is most interesting to me.

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