Garnishing kev'asia peterson

Channel Knife-pare strips from citrus fruits , thin grooves from carrots & etc.

This is something simple you can do using a channel knife to garnish. When making a long spiral you want to run the channel knife around the citrus from the pole of the fruit slowly and concentrically downward.
Channel Knife

Zester - a kitchen utensil used for removing fine shreds of zest .

cake with chocolate curls can be achieved using a zester.
  • Drag the zester across the rind ,following the curve,as if you're shaving the lemon or whatever you are garnishing.

vegetable peeler- a kitchen tool used to remove skin from certain veggies or potatoes.

up-and -down motion is essential
zucchini noodles can be made with the use of a peeler.
  1. Hold the vegetable in one hand 2. In a slow motion glide the peeler across the surface of the vegetable or potato.

Paring knife - small knife w/ short blade mainly used for peeling / cutting and carving fruits and veggies.

  • Precise and Delicate is the key.
Blanch green beans is a dish you can make using the paring knife.
  1. Hold fruit in free hand 2. Paring knife in dominant hand 3. Wrap all fingers around handle of knife 4. Rest thumb against the side of the blade & make incision cutting down beneath skin and pith.


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