Art Portfolio 2016-17 Makayla Bosma

I took art this year because I have always wanted to get better at art but have never had the time to do it. I haven't had an art class since sixth grade and so I was excited to get back into an art class.i don't plan on being an art major in college but I do enjoy drawing in my free time.

This elements of art drawing I did helped me with the basics and fundamental structure of art.

The face drawings helped me focus on not what I am drawing but the shape of the drawing itself.

I drew these pictures upside down which made it easier for me to focus on line and shape.
These blind contour shells fueled me focus on the texture and form of the shells I was looking at.
This negative/positive drawing focused on the shape of the negative spaces around the horse.

This is my before hand drawing. It was just a sketch to try and get all of the line from my hand. The below picture is my after. It shows more detail and shading than my befor but isn't the same position as the before.

My profile is one of my best pieces that I have drawn. It shows a lot of contrasting colors which helps with finding the dark and light spots on my face.
My stippling piece shows many darks and lights of my boots that were created with dots.
This is a still life drawing of a lantern. It has many shadows which gives it depth and a sense of realism.
The scratch board piece is of my cat. By scraping lightly is gives a more of a darker color than by scraping harder.
A before and after two point drawing. My before drawing I wasn't really focusing on the angle of the lines but in my after everything is at the angle it should be. The bookshelf is one the horizon line so the top doesn't look like it is there but it I correctly drawn.
Before and after self portrait. My before I didn't put much detail into it because i couldn't get everything proportioned right but when I drew my actual portrait everything is positioned correctly. The lights and darks vary greatly for there were many shadows in the picture I was basing off of. I could have put more effort into getting the shape of my face right and the shape of my nose.

This is my oil pastel portrait. I didn't put much effort into it as I could of. I made each leaf different to add variety and to show that not all leaves turn color at the same time. The background is a greenish gold to make it so the tree in the back is blurred.

I found out that time is everything. You shouldn't rush through all of your projects to just finish up but to take time on detail and make it real. I loved getting to know the people in my class. Since I switched classes on the first day it was kind of intimidating but I found that everyone was super nice and Mrs. Fuller was an excellent teacher. I would hands down take this class again.


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