CAHPS Honors Night Virtual Brochure 2020

Welcome to CAHPS Virtual Honors Night 2020!

Valedictorian and Salutatorian Awards

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian awards are given to the CAHPS seniors who hold the highest cumulative grade point average. A “weighted GPA” (students receive five points for an A, four points for a B, etc.) is utilized for Advanced Placement classes. All other classes are computed in the normal manner. The student’s first 11 trimesters are considered in this computation.

Graduating Class of 2019

Valedictorian: Anna Myers
Salutatorian: Jamie Cappello
Salutatorian: Jacob Memmott

Principal's Award

Awarded annually to Crater students who have a 3.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Class of 2023 — Freshmen

  • Emma Bohn
  • Owen Burkhart
  • Madison Clark
  • Sierra Dritchas
  • Jonathan Elias
  • Zoie Emata
  • Tammar Hoorain
  • Tanner Ingledue
  • Nathan James
  • Haylie Jones
  • Alyssa Kilbane
  • Phoebe Knight
  • Paisley Lee
  • Sidney Liles
  • Jenna Mistic
  • Cody Neuschwander
  • Lilliana Reid
  • Naomi Richardson
  • Tayler Richmond
  • Amareni Sanchez
  • Emma Stanley
  • Kate Stidham
  • Morgan Tuers
  • Amelia Turner

Class of 2022 — Sophomores

  • Katelyn Beck
  • Kayleigh Gugliotta
  • McKenzie Hirsch
  • Maryam Hoorain
  • Kaylee Parent
  • Chloe Rambo
  • Kimberly Scallon
  • Saige Spencer
  • Amara Stromberg
  • Mia Tewes

Class of 2021 — Juniors

  • Payton Anhorn
  • Brooklynn Atkinson
  • Abigail Bohn
  • Isaac Bohnert
  • Isabel D'Acquisto-Butler
  • Emily Daughtrey
  • Haley Hillyer
  • Cameron Kramer
  • Ellie Laws
  • Hannah Noyes
  • Kendra Rogers
  • Kendall Schultz
  • Dylan Shook
  • Makenna Turner
  • Allison Waters

Class of 2020 — Seniors

  • Jamie Cappello
  • Justyce Glaessner
  • Jade Hopkins
  • Dylan Ingledue
  • Makenna Jones
  • Kambria Lee
  • Jacob Memmott
  • Anna Myers
  • Kaylee Nieminen
  • Kendra Reed
  • Chloe Spencer
  • Cole Weaver
The little things you do each day have the power to affect a great many people. You inspire us with your willingness and ability to help others. You take on the world, one day at a time, continuously searching for a way to make things better, seizing the opportunity to improve everyday life.

Public service awards

Awarded to students who have dedicated their time to doing acts of community service.

  • Maribel Ayala
  • Carter Bennett
  • Kaetriauna Bowser-Smith
  • Savanna Brown
  • Isabella Caucutt
  • Cole DeLange
  • Leopoldo Garay
  • Kayleigh Gugliotta
  • Karissa Hampton
  • Ryan Headley
  • Sophia Hernandez Ibarra
  • McKenzie Hirsch
  • Cirt Hochstrasser
  • Carson Le Bel
  • Caleb Loveless
  • Elisabeth Mickee
  • Cody Neuschwander
  • Zoey Pappe
  • Chloe Rambo
  • Naomi Richardson
  • Drazen Roby
  • Kimberly Scallon
  • Kristopher Sharpe
  • Jared Smith
  • Malerie Sotelo
  • Kate Stidham
  • Bayley Stone
  • Amara Stromberg
  • Mia Tewes
  • Morgan Tuers
  • Brodie Whalen
  • Haley Wood

Department Student of the Year

Academic department teams chose students who show a skill or aptitude for a specific subject.

Math: Jacob Hilton

Math: Jacob Memmott

Science: Makenna Turner

Foreign Language: Haley Hillyer

Language Arts: Chloe Spencer

Social Studies: Dylan Ingledue

Graphic Arts: Joel Blanco

Transition Student of the Year: Janae Ettinger

Most Improved (Transition Student): Matthew Nottingham

CAHPS Compass Award

Students receiving the CAHPS Compass Award contribute to our school in a variety of ways. They are finding their path by positively engaging in school and community. These students are successfully reaching towards their full potential.

Freshmen Awards

Emma Bohn
Cody Neuschwander
Madison Clark
Alyssa Kilbane

Sophomore Awards

Samantha Baker
Katie Beck
Ryan Headley
Cheyenne Barnett
Jimmy Jordahl

Junior Awards

Isabel D'Acquisto-Butler
Haley Hillyer
Braydon Ray
Allison Waters

Senior Awards

Samantha Castaneda
Jamie Cappello
Jade Hopkins
Elias Perez


Thank you all for your hard work and dedication throughout this school year!