Light Pollution in Singapore By: Cadence🌺

This is light pollution

Chad was said to be the least light polluted country, followed by Central African Republic and Madagascar with "more than three-quarters of their inhabitants living under pristine sky conditions". Dr Christopher, from the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, told BBC: "The artificial light in our environment is coming from a lot of different things."

This is light pollution

"Street lights are a really important component, but we also have lights from our windows in our homes and businesses, from the headlights of our cars and illuminated billboards." Light pollution washes out starlight, with astronomical research and disrupts ecosystems.

This is light pollution

Researchers have also suggested thatit can have adverse health effects, particularly on the eyes. For astronomy enthusiasts here, the news that Singapore has the worst light pollution comes as no surprise. Vice-president of The Astronomical Society of Singapore, Mr Albert Lim, 57, says astronomy enthusiasts often go overseas to places such as New Zealand and the US to indulge in their passion if they want to peer deeper into space.

Those who want to do it here have to hunt for areas that are away from buildings and roads that are lit by street lamps. Fortunately, recent technological advancements in telescopes have made it possible to do deep sky gazing from a highly light-polluted place like Singapore.

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