First Amendment By: DREw Therrien

Freedom of Speech: I think the Freedom of Speech is important. I think that because you can tell what you think is right or wrong without someone saying you can't do that. Everyone should have a say in peoples opinions. You should be able to argue your answer without getting in trouble by the government. You should also be able to say if you want to change something that you think that it can be better.

The freedom of religion is the right to speak about someone’s opinion and ideas without fear of government censorship. You should be able to believe what you want. You should not be hated on for the religion you choose. People shouldn't tell you your religion is bad and you should change. It's your life, you can do what you want

Freedom of Religion: The right to practice the religion you choose.

Freedom of assembly: The freedom of assembly is the individual right or ability of people to come around each other and argue their ideas.

The freedom of press: The freedom of press is being able to communicate and express through mediums including published books and writing.

Freedom of petition: The freedom of petition is the right to make a complaint.


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