Snow Boarding By: phin thein

When snowboarding you have to be careful in deep powder because you can't turn easily and you can cause a avalanche. And crash into a tree and get stuck in a tree well or get lost. But deep powder is the best snow for snowboarding you feel like you are floating in the snow. And when you fall into to the snow it feels like jumping into a bunch of mashed potato and you cause a mini avalanche
On a snow board you can hit jumps but are hard to land like really hard just to land a small jump and hurts a lot when you land on ice. also doing a trick is even harder. but you go faster in powder because you can't turn that easy and it doesn't hurt as much as landing on ice. but don't eat the snow.
There is many snow board brands but the most popular is Burton, some other brands are Lid tech and ride and salomon and one more k-2.
This picture is somebody falling in powder image falling like this on some ice that probably would be some broken bones or death. That is why you have to be careful if you want to live.

There is some very good snowboarders like Shaun white he as is one of the best snowboarders ever he as won many Olympics but there is still many very good snowboarders


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