Online Gambling By: Tai Ryan

What is online gambling- When you gamble on the internet. Bet money online.

Online gambling started in 1994. That was a online casino, after that follwed the online sports betting sites and then online poker games. In 2006 in was illegal to gamble online, but the Justice Department legalized online gambling in 2012.

The issue with online gambling is that people can lose money very easily because if you want to go to a real casino you have to get up and go to it. If you have a smart phone or a computer you can gamble at your house. Gambling online can cause people to lose money very easily and do it every day.

The future of Online gambling is looking up. It is predicted that online gambling will make 5.2 billion dollars by 2020. In the future online gambling will contiue to be popular among the whole world, and will making a lot of money and making people rich or have people lose all their money.


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