Listing Your Home For Sale With Paul Rockwell - What to expect and the next steps -


Here are the next steps in getting your home ready for sale and what to expect during the selling process

Required Items

I will require these items to ensure everything is ready for listing the property for sale

  • Preferred Showing Schedule for each day during the week for buyers and their agents. I recommend, in order to maximize exposure and sell quicker, allowing flexible showing availability. 9am to 9pm every weekday is ideal. (it's only for a few days)
  • Front Door Key will be required and put into a lock box. You will be provided with the code if you need access to the lock box. We can also change the code if required.
  • Property Tax statement will be needed for our files.
  • Maintenance Fees amount confirmed (if condo listing)
  • Existing Property Survey only if available. It is not required, but it's best practice to provide the buyer with all documents to help them close the house.
  • Listing Documents signed and approved of.
  • Copy of Photo ID of everyone on title on the property. This is for our files.
  • Property Description approval. I will provide a mock-up copy of the description and mls listing for your review and approval.
  • Home Evaluation completed and reviewed. Determine the listing price and strategy.

Staging Your Home

- And Preparing Your Home For Sale -

  • My Home Stager will walk through your home and provide any recommendations for repairs, furniture removal, furniture replacement, staging, touch ups etc.
  • Full Home Staging may be utilized for your home to maximize the sale. We will determine together what is needed and what will benefit the sale.
  • Time is taken to perfect the home, and complete all the recommendations to prepare the home for sale. Common Recommendations: - Paint and Touch ups, De-cluttering, Storage, Furniture re-arrangement, Full Staging, Landscaping, Removal of personal items, De-Personalize the home, Garbage removal etc.
  • Ensure your home is "Showcase Ready" for photography.
  • At this time a lock box with a door key is placed at the house. This will allow me to access the home to complete your home preparation, and for showing buyers.


  • My professional real estate photographer will arrive at the home during business hours. There is no need for the home owner to be home, I will accompany the photographer and ensure the best photos are captured.
  • Depending on the size of the home, 20 - 40 photos will be taken. Capturing all the best features of the home, all finished rooms, front and back yard. And any additional photos if necessary.
  • All photos are super high quality HDR photographs. Used for print and internet.
  • 20 photos will be used for the mls listing and link. The additional photos will be featured in the dedicated website link, that will be seen on all internet platforms.
  • Video tour walk through will also be taken at this time.
  • It is very important to have all rooms of the house ready at the same time, as the photographer moves through each room quickly, and often captures multiple rooms in a single photo.
  • The video is taken in one shot, and each room must be ready to ensure video transitions from room to room are smooth.
  • Floor plans will be laser measured and drawn. (if floor plans are used)

Preparing the Marketing

  • After photo shoot day, the photography and video tour are being processed, edited and print material is being printed. This usually takes 1 - 3 days.
  • Once the photos and video are ready you will receive a link to view the art work on the dedicated property website.
  • All the print and digital marketing will be ready for listing day, and placed in the home.
  • At this time, the home evaluation report will have been completed, and we have worked together to create a pricing strategy for listing day.
  • A pre-listing home inspection may be completed prior to listing the house for sale. This would be done to make the offer process with buyers a lot smoother, and can provide confidence to buyers, knowing that the home has been inspected by a third party. This also opens up the opportunity for buyers to make an offer without condition on home inspection, which is directly a benefit for the sellers. This also provides us with confidence there will be no surprises with the home inspection.
  • A condo status certificate may also be pre-ordered (if the home is a condo town house or condo high-rise unit). This provides the same benefits as a pre-inspection, and allows buyers to potentially make offers without condition on status certificate. This also provides us with confidence there will be no surprises with the certificate. If we determine the best approach is ordering the status certificate once a buyer makes an offer, we will order it at that time.

Here is what my marketing team is creating for your home!

  1. Printed Home Brochures and Booklets
  2. Flyer Marketing Distribution
  3. Digital and Printed Floor Plans
  4. Feature Sheets
  5. Custom Property Listing Domain (
  6. Dedicated Property Website with all photos and video
  7. Google Advertising
  8. Featured on and
  9. Toronto MLS and Oakville MLS (as needed)
  10. Facebook and Social Media Marketing
  11. For Sale Sign
  12. Open House Days (if agreed to)
  13. Newspaper and other print marketing (as needed)
  14. Property Descriptions are written
  15. My exclusive buyer database is notified by email, prior to listing on MLS
  16. Agents data base and office staff are notified of new listing coming
  17. Our team is canvasing the neighbourhood notifying the area of the new home for sale

Listing Day

  • On listing day the house must be in "Showcase Condition".
  • A showing schedule will be created in advance, and will be used for all buyer agents.
  • The MLS listing goes live, with all photos and video, property details and description.
  • Public websites and will take 24-48 hours to auto-upload the listing.
  • Agents will be notified automatically of the new listing.
  • Buyers working with agents will be notified automatically of the new listing.
  • Buyers and buyer agents will start scheduling showings for the home.
  • If Open Houses are a part of our marketing strategy, we will set the days and advertise the days through flyers, websites, mls, open house signs etc.

Buyer Agent Showings

  • Agents showing your home are allowed one hour time frame for arrival and showing.
  • It is best to give the buyers and their agent time alone to tour the home.
  • Only licensed agents or myself will enter and show your home.
  • Agents will access your home using the lock box. If needed, the code can be changed.
  • Agents and their buyers will be instructed to obey any house rules provided (Example: Do Not Let Cat Out, Remove Shoes etc).
  • Agents will always lock all doors prior to leaving.
  • I will provide you feed back for showings by phone, email or text, .

Open Houses

  • If Open Houses are a part of our marketing strategy, we will set the days prior to listing the property for sale on the mls.
  • Advertising Open Houses through flyer invitations, newspaper (if beneficial), websites, mls,, Open House signs, etc.
  • Open House days are typically 2-4 PM Saturday and Sunday. We can explore additional days or extended weekend hours if beneficial.
  • Open Houses are open to the public. We do not know the buyer motivation or qualification when they come into the home. Many visitors could be neighbours, other sellers, etc. The purpose of the open house is to open the home to the public, and get a lot of attention.
  • Open Houses allow you to relax at other times of the weekend, as buyers and their agents can arrange their viewings during the open house hours.
  • Open Houses allow me to be at the front of the show! Buyers can ask any questions directly to me. I get immediate feed back from agents and buyers. This helps us determine if our pricing and other strategies are working.
  • All visitors are required to sign in with full name and phone number for security. Open houses are always controlled.

Offers & Paperwork

All paperwork is handled by myself, my office and the closing lawyers.

All offers consist of 4 main components, and all items are negotiable:

  1. Purchase Price
  2. Deposit
  3. Closing Day (moving day)
  4. Buyer Conditions

Details of these components:

  1. Purchase Price is always negotiable between buyer and seller. You have already been provided with a fully completed home evaluation. Using the current market data, together we will determine the best negotiation strategies with the offer.
  2. Deposit is used to secure the offer. It either given within 24 hours of acceptance of the offer, or given with the offer during offer presentation. The deposit is held by the listing brokerage, and used towards the buyer's down payment. The money is transferred to the lawyers on closing day.
  3. Closing Day is the same as your moving day. This is the day that the purchase transaction is completed. This day is agreed upon by both buyers and sellers. Typical closing days are 30-60 days, but can be as quick as 2 weeks, and as long as over 90 days. We will work together with the buyers to arrange a closing that works well for you.
  4. Buyer Conditions are used to protect the buyer, and allow the buyer time to arrange and satisfy themselves on the conditions. Sellers need to be aware of what these conditions mean to them:
  • If a seller accepts a conditional offer, the buyers will provide within 24 hours, the deposit cheque. This is held by our brokerage and transferred to the lawyer on clsoing.
  • The sellers are now bound to this agreement, they are not permitted to accept another offer without concent from the buyer.
  • The sellers are allowed to continue showing their home to prospective buyers if they wish to do so, and are still allowed to review another buyer's offer, but cannot work with that offer until the first buyer has acted on their conditions.
  • If the buyers are unable to fulfill their conditions, the buyers will get their deposit back in full, without deduction. The property goes back up for sale and the seller can work with any other buyer's offers.
  • The longer the conditions, the more potential risk for the sellers, by holding their property to one buyer. All situations are different.
  • Buyers have the option to not include any, or less conditions with their offer, if they do not require them, or if there is buyer competition (more than one buyer offering on the property at the same time).
  • In an active market, many buyers are proactive with their conditions, and make an offer without any conditions. In order to do this, the buyers must have financing already arranged for the home, and per-approval done. Home inspections can be completed prior to making an offer (often referred to as "Pre-Home Inspection), or the buyer can forego the home inspection. All properties are listed differently, and each property will require a different offer strategy.

There can be many varying conditions in different situations. Common Offer Conditions:

  • Condition on Financing: This is typically 5 day business days. This time frame can differ depending on the situation. With this condition, buyers usually either waive their condition and firm up the offer, or back out entirely. Rarely is there re-negotiation with this condition.
  • Condition on Home Inspection: This condition is also typically 5 business days and allows the buyer the opportunity to bring any home inspector of their choice (at their cost) to inspect any and all aspects of the property. This condition opens up an opportunity for the buyers to re-negotiate with the sellers on many aspects of the offer. The sellers should be aware that based on findings from a professional home inspection, buyers have the right to re-negotiate on the purchase price, sellers to repair items, sellers to compensate for repairs etc. Or the buyers can back out of the offer at their discretion. We use our best judgment to determine what is fair based on any findings, and what you the sellers will be happy with. It is uncommon for buyers to back out of an offer due to home inspections.
  • Condition on Status Certificate: Only applies to condo high-rise buildings or condo town houses. This can often be a long condition, as it takes time for the condo corp to produce the status certificate, typically 10 days to produce the document, and 3 days for lawyer to review. Often in an active market, sellers will pre-order the status certificate and the buyer's lawyer can review right away, or prior to making an offer. The status certificate is full discloser documents pertaining to all aspects of the corporation and unit. Typically, the sellers pay and order the status certificate, unless noted otherwise. The buyer's closing lawyer will review the lengthy document and provide their findings. This condition is to protect the buyers, and allow the buyer the opportunity to be made fully aware of the financial status and stability of the condo corp. Status certificates will provide lots of information including: Reserve funds, Current budget, Current unit maintenance fees, Any law suits, any special assessments, any alterations to the unit, any unpaid maintenance costs by unit owner, any upcoming repairs or maintenance to the building, any recent major repairs or replacements to the building etc.
  • Condition on Buyer Selling Their Current Home: This condition is more commonly used in slower markets, typically outside of the city. It is not usually recommended in an active market. This condition benefits the buyers, as it allows them time to sell their current home, in order to purchase the house they have made an offer on, without the risk of another buyer purchasing the home. Sellers are allowed to continue to show their home to buyers and review offers from other buyers, but cannot accept an offer, without providing the current buyer first right of refusal. The buyer at this time has 2 options, either firm up the offer, or back out and the sellers can accept the new offer. This condition is not used in active markets, as it holds the seller's property for too long of a time, without certainty the buyer will firm up. With this condition, the buyer has the right to not sell their home, and back out of their offer.

Moving Day & Closing Day

You have been provided with a moving check-list that outlines week by week what should be packed and when. Use this for preparing your packing, storage and moving day.

Moving Day

  • Depending on your new home, you may decide to move prior to closing day or on closing day.
  • You have up until approximately 12 noon to 1 PM to vacate your belongings and leave the home for the new buyers. Closing is typically completed between 12 - 5 PM. Best to be prepared early and allow the new owners time to move in.
  • One this day, all items (unless stated otherwise in the offer) are to be removed from the home.
  • Often buyers will have moving companies arrange to pick up their items in the morning of moving day. Depending on your closing dates with your new home, you may move items on the morning of closing day, or you have been doing the moving prior to closing day.

Moving Arrangements can vary in cost. It is best to contact a few moving companies for quotes. Options can be as simple and inexpensive as renting a truck yourself, to hiring a company and moving team who handle all the details. Here are a few options for movers and storage. Click Here: Frog Box, Boxes, Storage Centers, Go-Mini, Pods, U-Haul, Budget, Enterprise, Discount, Campbell (recommended for long distance moves). There are many options available. Feel free to inquire about options for different situations, I can help direct you!

Closing Day

  • Closing day can only be on a business day. No weekends or holidays.
  • The closing lawyer is responsible for facilitating the closing transaction.
  • The sellers will be required to meet with the lawyer in person 1 - 3 days prior to the closing day, to hand over keys, and sign all documents for closing.
  • This is the day that the purchase of the home is finalized and completed.
  • The title of land will be transferred to the buyers, and funds to purchase the home will be transferred to the sellers.

You Will Have Piece of Mind

Selling your home with Paul Rockwell is easy! I take care of all the details and ensure everything is smooth from day one.

Sit Back, Relax, and Let Me Take Care of Everything for You!

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