Nationalism By Kyle O'neal

Nationalism 1800-1850

  • Feeling of pride and loyalty
  • Natural phenomenon
  • Revolutions
  • Led to unification
People had greater pride for themselves and their country from supporting nationalism

Henry Clay

  • Strong supporter
  • Gained trust with foreign powers
  • Secretary of State from
  • Strong National Economy
Henry Clay Portarit

Nationalism Led To...

  • Roads and canals
  • New forms of transportation and ways to travel
  • Helped goods and people go places quicker
Form of Transportation

US Government Tried to Shape The National Economy

  • Hopes of people having more devotion to their nation
  • Recreated the US bank
  • Tariff on imported goods
  • Government tried to take in internal improvements

Nationalism Also Led To...

  • "Era of Good Feeling"
  • Manifest Destiny - 1845
  • Citizenship in states
Symbol of Nationalism

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