Deep Culture Exploration Kylie Wilcox

Surface Culture: My family identifies as White/Caucasian. We live in a suburban area in Shawnee, KS. We have also been here for generations, with my ancestors coming to America in the early 1900's through Ellis Island. I would describe my family as middle class, with me being the first in my family to attend a four year state college. My parents are very passionate Democrats, so the election this time around was extremely rough for all of us.

With the way my parents raised me, I was always taught to try my hardest with everything that I did, and to not be lazy with something because it was easier to do. I remember getting in trouble if I did not respect my parents and chose to "mouth off" to them or just simply talk down to them. I did not call adults by their first name, especially my parents friends, because it was more respectful to call them by their last name. I was also taught to never be afraid to show my emotions, and that being emotional is not a weakness, that it instead shows true character. Respect with adults was always expected for me. I don't think there was ever a time that I did not show respect to an adult (mostly because I was shy and extremely afraid of most people).


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