WOODY ALLEN december 1, 1935

When he was young 1935 and now he is {81 years}

Young Woody Allen

He became a teenager

He became handsome while growing

He went to university at New York to study how to be an actor musician playwright and a comedian

Woody Allen was very young when he was in university of New York because that was the place he was staying he was very talented in school everybody likes him in the school because he knows how to sing and do all staff .
Woody Allen graduated at the university of New York and he started working as a director and an actor and he started dating Soon Yi Previn whiles dating they decided to get married .

1997 - 1995

22 December 1997 - Woody weds the beautiful Soon Yi Previn. They eventually adopted two children
Woody Allen has a lot of careers he is an actor a playwright comedian musician people likes his videos and movies he is very famous and popular as well he has gotten so many so awards and has been in a lot of interview.

This was Woody Allen first interview and the one interviewing was even excited to have him in his show because of his popularity Woody is a very great man that everybody wants to have him in his show. This video is awesome .

Woody Allen received an award in 2005 for the good work he has done as a director and an actor this award show how people appreciate him and his hard work of course Woody Allen is a great man and talented as well. When it comes to movies Woody Allen movies is the best some of his friends helps him sometimes when it comes to casting people like Cate Blachett is one of the actress.Some of his movies are Annie Hall, Manthattan, Cafe Society , Blue Jasmine ,sleeper and so on
He got an academy award winning director and this award was not just an ordinary award is an award that shows the good work he has done and the award was a status just like him he even pose with the status.

Some of my favorite Woody quotes:


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