Nigerian Oil Crisis NOC

The Nigerian Oil Crisis is right now shells pipelines in Nigeria are corroding, but they say it wasn't them. They say it was corrosion. What sort of thing are they doing lying about 546 million gallons of oil spilled into the Niger Delta over the last five decades and that is growing by 11 million each year. In Nigeria there have been some oil spills from shell's pipe lines shell says it was not their fault and they say they were being sabotaged, but they were not being sabotaged. Here are three reason that their are billions of barrels of oil are sitting their polluting the Niger delta. I have some big reasons that this is shell is to blame for the Niger delta oil spills.

their drinking water is polluted,

These people are almost too poor to provide for there families yet they need to use money and hours and hours of work for these necessities like water and it is still no clean.

and who has to clean this up? The locals.

Whose fault is it?

Shell's fault. Emails letters and reports submitted to the company but these were dismissed. Yet they were telling the company that the pipes were not being taken care of.

Yet Shell has said they have not been able to clean all of the oil because of “insecurity in the region.”

Shell knew something was wrong but they don't want you to. Yet here is a quote from BBC “Shell dismissed the suggestions that it had knowingly continued to use the pipelines that is not safe to operate.” Do know they are breaking the law by lying and not taking care of their pipes.

Shell has said they have not been able to clean all of the oil because of “insecurity in the region.” but they are lying because when the oil spills first happened they had 331 to 451 billion dollars that year alone that they could have spent for security costs that is almost enough to hire a literal army. What do they do ... Nothing!


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