The Catcher in The Rye By Roman Dimapilis

Talking to Myself By Eminem

This song is about the loneliness and not being heard. Throughout the book, Holden is always feeling lonely. He is always trying to find any companionship with anybody he comes across, and acts like nobody cares about whats going on in his life. Holden has struggles trying to reach anybody to call that would seem to notice his struggles. In the beginning when he leaves Pency, he took twenty minutes just to find one person to call. At the end of the book, loneliness to Holden seemed to get worse as he was getting sick.

Runaway By Kanye West

This song refers to Holden always trying to run away from his problems. In the beginning of the book it tells us that Holden is leaving Pency for having bad grades. He is running away from his problem of having bad grades and being kicked out. He is also running away from all the phonies. Additionally, he doesnt really fit in, especially with his family. His escape to run away is to drink and smoke. This is his way to escape from the world, even if its just for a little. Holden has a plan to go off and do his own thing, by running away from everyone.

Mr. Lonely By Akon

Holden is all alone in the adult world. He is not ready to be apart of it; he is not mature enough. Because of this, he is the lone child among the adults, ordering prostitutes just to talk to them, seeing drag queens and other, "perverts." Trying to fit in with the three girls in the lavender room, but again ending up lonely. In this part of his life Holden is truly exactly what this song is trying to explain: Mr. Lonely.

Unwell By Matchbox 20

Throughout the book Holden sleeps very little, smokes and drinks excessively and has no winter coat. This goes on for the period of three days, landing him in a tuberculosis hospital. We know this from when he said, "That's also how I practically got t.b. and came out here for all these goddam checkups and stuff." at the end of the first chapter. So this is the first aspect of his feeling "unwell". Holden is also, unwell, in a different sense. He is unceasingly combating depression. He uses the word depressed or depressing 50 times in his recollection of events. That's a lot of depression.

I'm Just A Kid By Simple Plan

This song sounds as if Holden himself it. He looks around and sees everyone being happy, except him. He feels like he is, "Just a kid" who is alone in the world. "Life is like a nightmare" for him. Every single person who he sees is a phony and he hates them all. He also sees, "everyone's got somewhere to go and their all going to leave me here on my own". The place that they are all going to is the adult world. Everyone is constantly changing around him. Jane doesn't even play checkers anymore. They all leave him on his own, a child among adults. That is why he loves the museum so much, it will never leave him on his own.

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