Boston Tea Party Christopher Miniweather

December 18th 1773

Goodbye to the taxed tea

Off With TheirTea

The days of the people paying taxes is no more as the events that have occurred which is known as the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party as we all know is a day of great importance because it marked the beginning of the end of taxes on the colonists. The colonists of america were recently being taxed by Great Britain to make-up for their recent victory in battle against the French and Indians as we won the war but everyone knows that war is expensive, so Britain decided to put taxes on everything the colonist find useful.

In retaliation to this Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty had planned to get resist the taxation without representation, so they gathered the Committee of Correspondence to assure this wouldn't happen. On the day of December 16, 1773 Sam Adams and The Sons of Liberty had rallied up some fellow colonist and dressed up as Indians then proceeded to take over the boats. The men once they got on the boat they began to throw the tea on the boat in the bay giving the event it's name. This event could lead to a full rebellion of Britain or are we just going to sit back and accept this taxation?

Either you are with us or your not.

Taxation Without Representation!!!

Great Britain after the war ended began to tax the colonist for ridiculous things. One well known tax was the the Stamp act of 1765 which required the colonist pay taxes with anything that had a stamp on it. This ranged from fragile and legal documents, licenses, and of course newspapers. In result people became very agitated with Great Britain and told the King there can't be taxation without representation. If this keeps up I think that we as a country are going to crumble into poverty but I'm not going to let it happen easily.

The Battlefield

The Birth of A Nation

The struggle of the past to get the land that we was hard but we did win the war. The French and Indian war was hard-fought and no it wasn't the French versus the Indians but the exact opposite at that. It was a battle between the British and French who had Indians as allies. The war lasted several years and many men were lost but the British came out victorious and not only that but we gained a vast amount of land. The war was expensive though and now we being taxed extra to make up for. I feel like if they keep on doing this the colonist will declare war on them.

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The Great Historian Ms. Reeder!!!!!

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