DIY Valentines card

What you'll need: You're going to need a pair of scissors, a pencil for drawing the shape you'd like, a black and a red inkpad, double-sided tape, an eraser, an "i love you" sticker (optional) and a heart shape cutter (optional). I used grey cardstock for the upper layer and metallic gold cardstock for the small hearts and the underlying layer.

Making the grey heart: First you start by folding your grey cardstock, connect the bottom and top of the cardstock. Then you draw half a heart on the end of the cardstock. You then take your scissors and cut after the shape you have drawn. When you fold out the paper, you have a symmetric heart. Go around the edges of the card with a black inkpad, just to make it "pop" more. Remember to use your eraser so your drawing doesen't show.

Making the metallic gold hearts: Use your heart shape cutter to cut out those small cute golden hearts. I reccommend cutting as close to the edge as possible, to get more out of your cardstock. After you have done that, just attach some strong double-sided tape on the back of the hearts and attach them to the "folding line" of your grey card. You can use your fingers after the hearts are attached to pull them out a bit. Personally I think that livens up the card a bit. I love dimension!

Making the big metallic heart: Repeat what you did with the grey heart (Just make it a bit bigger). Ruffle it a bit so it doesen't look so perfect and shiny. The cardstock I used only had the metallic color on one side, so the other one was white. Apply double-sided tape to your grey heart and attach it to your big golden heart. You can go around the golden heart with a pair of scissors if you aren't pleased with its shape or size.

Making the back of the card: Here I just went crazy with black and red inkpad. Using both black and red gives it more dimention and a vintage feel to it (Also red is ofcourse the color of love, so I had to have me some red somewhere). I then attached a sticker which says "I Love You" in the middle of the card. If you don't have stickers, you could always cut out some letters or print out "I love you", cut it and glue/tape it on there.

I hoped you enjoyed this step-by-step. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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