A2-The Scope and Feature of UK and Worldwide Travel Destinations UK & Kenya

This e-poster is going to focus on two destinations, the UK which is a leading destination in Europe, and Kenya, a developing destination in East Africa. Today I’m going to be explaining why we as a company should invest in these two countries.

Ben Nevis, Scotland & Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Both countries are physically stunning, both with a lot to offer. The UK has the natural mountain, Ben Nevis; the highest mountain in Britain, according to Outdoor Capital, it has around 400,000 visiting a year. The Maasai Mara another famous attraction in Kenya, stunning landscapes and the chance to see a variety of animals, no wonder visitor numbers; according to Business Daily Africa, reached 381,278 people in January 2014. This is a similar figure to the UK's Ben Nevis, which shows equal income from both countries and both equally sustainable.

Buckingham Palace, UK & Nairoibi

Here we have two man-made attractions, Buckingham Palace in the UK is probably one of the most famous in the UK, home of the royal, according to a news article in 2014 by 'Express', the palace made £55 million in 2014! Comparing a historic yet modern attraction to Nairobi, a cultural village. It holds its' own museum, also offering a national park- a variety for tourists which appeals to us. 200,000 out of the almost 400 thousand visitors are forecast to originate from London states 'atlantablackstar'. this is beneficial for the company as we originate from London so we can deal with Kenya directly.

Mount Kenya & Tower of London

Kenya does not lack in natural beauty, Mount Kenya being one of the most popular tourist spots throughout the country. According to 'thekenyancamper' the mountain racked in 202,000 visitors in 2014. In comparison to the infamous Tower of London, a historical tower located on the River Thames, near Buckingham Palace. According to ALVA, the Tower had 2,785,249 visitors in 2015! (make sure I state Kenya has more natural)

Kenyan Tribes & Reading Festival.

Kenya has many tribes, one being the Kenya Masai tribe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM3LXzJYHEI this is an example of the tribe, the Swahili's being the most prominent tribe. Tribes have gone back for years in Kenya and can be visited by tourists in many parts of Africa. According to thekenyaonline, the 3 biggest tribes are the Kikuyu with 6,622,576 members, Luhya with 5,338,666 and finally the Kalenjin with 4,967,328 members. this is a large opportunity for the company to use this as a selling point. In the UK we have many festivals such as Glastonbury, Fusion Festival, T in the Park. They gather thousands and thousands of people a year and make millions. According to gooutdoors, Glastonbury attracts 177,000 people a year.

Buckingham Palace & a Village in Kenya

One of the UK's most famous attractions, Buckingham Palace, raking in 558,000 visitors in 2012 according to royalcollection.org. Also from the same source, Buckingham Palace won the award for 'Best attraction for Group visits' in 2013. Queens Diamond Jubilee. One of the UK's most famous attractions, Buckingham Palace, raking in 558,000 visitors in 2012 according to royalcollection.org. Also from the same source, Buckingham Palace won the award for 'Best attraction for Group visits' in 2013. Queens Diamond Jubilee 60. On the other hand we have Kenyan Villages, experiencing life in rural areas. Villages such as Bogani get recognition out of the 500,000 visitors Kenya gets from tourists looking to stay with them for a couple of days and experience the lifestyle. Tourists that visit these types of villages are interested in sustainable tourism, conserving the environment and making sure the locals benefit from tourism.

Festivals in Kenya & World Cancer Day.

Many festivals happen in Kenya, such as the Lamu Maulidi festival which is celebrated by Muslims through processions and prayers. Another one being the Kenya International Film Festival, an international film fest hosting films and filmmakers from all over Africa. Based in Nairobi, has performances by local artists and holds many competitions. Open to anyone and everyone. The country has 40 different ethnic African groups so the festivals are popular with many different people. There is a festival every month. Then in the UK, we have St Patricks day, Chinese New Year, World Cancer day- another event every month. thousands of people attend and take part in celebrations for St Patricks day and Chinese New year, all events have a variation of type of tourist it would attract. For Chinese new year, it is estimated to be 60,000 people attending.

Kenya have faced many political issues, according to the VOA,7 years ago the country was almost torn apart and residents feel the government still aren't doing anything. the opposition demand the government do something about the insecurity and economical problems. Bongwe and its neighboring village are on the front line of a three way war, pitting security agencies against the islamic extremist network. This has settled now, as being 4 months ago but this is all away from the tourist capital Nairobi, so shouldn't effect us.

UK is currently going through BREXIT, leaving the European union. It is a sustainable tourist destination for any type of customer looking for short travel time or to stay closer to home. Because of brexit, the government has put in a new 'tourism action plan' including giving 'visitbritian' £million to encourage tourists to travel the UK beyond London. this is a good point for us to get involved so it isn't too expensive to invest before domestic tourism in the UK gets too expensive.

UK tourism is a massive industry- and not their only source of income- which is why it is a reliable destination. It is predicted to be worth over $257 billion in 2025. As BREXIT began, prices went up but BREXIT has really yet to set in place so many changes could be made in the next few years, so investing now would be a good time. the tourism income made is looking at growing from $21 billion in 2013 to $57 billion in 2025.

Kenya relies on tourism as their second largest source of income. this makes it reliable in comparison if it were its largest and only source of income. Kenya's current income from tourism in 2007 is $130 billion and their arrivals reached an all time high of 146,556 people in July 2011, this is good for us as a company as we know people do visit and it's stable for us to set up base there.

A few issues that could be effecting the UK’s popularity in the tourism industry is the first one being BREXIT, and customers not having confidence in leaving or returning to the UK- and their rights whilst being there. Another factor could be as the pound’s exchange rate has dropped since. Another issue is the UK hosting the Olympic games, London 2012 and iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s Jubilee. The UK is a popular destination and visited by people worldwide and is stable and controlled and the appeal to visit and live here is very high. Jobs are easily made and gained, through mass supermarkets and factories.

A few issues that could be effecting Kenya’s popularity is the poverty and lack of standard; some tourists may want a 5 star resort with top service and no interaction with the locals or learn about the culture, however Kenya offers a lot of culture for tourists consisting of tribes and villages. Another factor is the climate and produce exported, the climate is hot and dry, a different atmosphere for visitors and the produce can be bought directly which is another experience for tourists.

The appeal to Kenya is unique and direct for tourists interested in tribes, natural scenery and lakes. Kenya has other qualities but those in particular adapt to tourists with an interest in culture. Kenya has a lot of natural beauty and is ideal for tourists not wanting a 5 star resort.

The appeal for the UK is that it is a popular destination and visited by people worldwide and is stable and controlled and the appeal to visit and live here is very high. Jobs are easily made and gained, through mass supermarkets and factories.

Kenya has a lot of strengths, one being natural beauty. This is a big appeal for tourists, also for the country does not have to spend money nor waste resources as the landscape are its own attraction. The country doesn’t have to pay to operate it- just for staff and transport (if included). Natural landscapes can also be a part of sustainable tourism if looked after properly.

A weakness for Kenya is the low standard of living and facilities in most areas can be a big put off for tourists. The hard access to hospitals or the hygiene of restaurants for tourists can put them off completely. Tourists would want to feel safe and living at a low standard might cause worry and doubt with no formal reps or easy contact points.

In contradiction to that, the type of tourist who enjoys interacting with the locals and the culture the standard of living and lack of resources would appeal to them as authentic and pure to the country. Tourists would want to live and experience the life of the locals in villages with tribes. Kenya is one of the countries that haven’t been fully developed so the culture and authenticity is still there.The final weakness for Kenya is the language barrier.

Kenya is not one of the most popular tourist destinations and as English is one of the top spoken languages in the world, assuming the visitors are coming from the UK, visiting a resort that doesn’t speak English and if the tourists did not travel with a tour operator/no reps were available, the tourist would struggle trying to raise an emergency, asking a question or miscommunication with the resort.

A strength for the UK is that its developed. The UK has the right infrastructure and correct resources to provide for mass tourism and all types of tourists. They have a wide range of businesses to cater for needs and wants- interests tourists have worldwide can be satisfied as to what the UK has to offer.

Another strength the UK has is the diversity, very multicultural and can offer a lot of different languages - this can transfer in many ways. Offering many different types of cuisine and being able to cross language barriers and communicate.

One of the weaknesses the UK has is the over population as the UK has many ways to be accessed it can easily get over populated by tourists and residents which can effect their supply and demand ratio. Over population can lead to damage of the environment and damage to the work environment

Another weakness is it can create a problem for residents, prices for land, homes and units increase which makes it harder for working class or low cost residents to live, it can also create envy as many foreigners live in the UK and have the same chance to become successful.

One of the biggest appeals in each country is the landmarks/scenery. the UK has its own landmarks such as Ben Nevis, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the River Thames and Kenya it's own too, such as the Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Hell's Gate National Park and Nairobi's National Park. However the difference in the UK is that most attractions are man made constructed for the tourism industry to meet needs for demand. Using land for hotels and theme parks to create more of an appeal to tourists to get more revenue. The UK also has all the money to improve and adapt for more and more incoming tourists. Kenya on the other hand struggle with funding and improving the country. Most of the attractions in Kenya are natural landscapes; even the national parks. This is reliable and sustainable- only if taken care of; using man made is more sustainable as using the enviroment so much can cause damage and erosion to it leading it to slow decay and not being able to use anymore.

Another appeal to both countries could be the climate. Kenya reaches extremely high temperatures throughout the year in comparison to the UK which is known for its cold and rain; alongside the climate there is the culture; in Kenya the culture is shown through the local tribes, people and villages; in the UK it's through the food.

Providing package holidays in the UK would be successful for bluebird tours as there are many famous landmarks and attractions to visit. The UK is also an iconic destination for people that live outside the UK. Buckingham palace and the Tower of London are two iconic places so a tour bus holding a lot of passengers would be a good idea and to just take them around the whole of London. There is a good possibility of launching in the UK due to the government being stable, good standard of living, good transport and easy communication,

Launching in Kenya is also possible providing package holidays but not so similar, however still successful. Small, tour guided groups around villages ,meeting local people and tribes would really suit the area and keep it sustainable whilst making profit. People would really extend their budget for such an intimate trip.

Because the UK has a big employment market,thousands of applicants would apply, regardless of what skill they have. for the mass producing tours, we would need a lot of staff but do not have to be so skilled as it could be more of a physical tour as it is sight seeing.

Within Kenya in regards to including the host community,allowing tour guides from the village to show them around would benefit them and us as the locals have the best understanding of the place which means the best information and the best service also the company wouldn't have to pay out as much as the host community doesn't expect as much for minimum wage.

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