Oceans STephen hutchinson and lawrence hawkins

This 304 page non-fiction guide is a deeper look into the ocean. With bright detailed pictures on every page, this book starts with facts about the oceans and world. Then as you read, you learn more about the coast, all the way to the abyss and what animals you can and can't see.
"The salinity of the Dead Sea is approximately 10 times that of sea water" (Hutchinson and Hawkins 38).

Salinity is the saltiness in sea water. The more salt there is, the more buoyant something or someone will be in it, therefore, it is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea. Would the amount of salt be too intense for humans to handle?

"The first significant underwater excavation was in 1960 when a 3000 year-old ship was discovered off the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, still with its cargo of wine jars" (Hutchinson and Hawkins 80).

I learned that after the excavation of the boat in Turkey, The Vasa which was a Swedish warship was recovered from the Baltic Sea. The low salinity helped preserve the ship. Clearly, the more salt there is in the water, the faster an object will deteriorate.

"1690 Halley: Earliest diving bell. Maximum depth 60 feet (18m)" (Hutchinson and Hawkins 100).

The first diving mechanism could only go 60 feet, but now, our most current method (Helium-oxygen-nitrogen mix) can go 2300ft. I didn't realize that the difference between depths was so severe.

"The hairy anglerfish has modified its fin rays into sense organs" (Hutchinson and Hawkins 179).

There is a picture of a hairy angler fish with spiky things hanging off of him. These spikes are his sense organs. It was interesting to learn that organs can be used to taste and smell.


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