the small town by,grace mcdonald

It was a dark and cold morning in a small town. Dixie and her two kid moving into a small houses in the town. That morning at the airport dixie had meet this guy that lived there he had gave them a ride to there houses. Dixies olds kids found her died in her bedroom. A 911 call was made but when they picked up no one was there.

The cops come to the houses and no one was there from what they know. But then the oldest kid came out and told the cop that she had made the call because she heard something outside but it was just a deer, he ask her how old she was and where her mom was.she had told her to him that she was 16 and her mom was taking a nap.that everything is ok that it was just a mess up that they was now to the town and that it will not happen again. The cops that is ok if we need something else just to call his phone and he gave her his number.

At lunch time the guy had came to get they to take them to lunch. But when he got there the kid was playing out,he asked where there mom was and she told him that she was out. She told her little sister to inside. he ask where she had want “to get food” she replayed and then she want in side not knowing if the guy had lived or what. The guy know something had been going on but don't know what it is. He come back after looking for her and could not find her there what not but 3 story in the town and no one had seen her. He showed up and knocked on the door no one come to it so he seen that the door was not locked so he walked in and was look for the kids. He could not find the kids but he walked into the mom's room and find her died the kids were nowhere in the house. He called 911 the he told the cops that he fand a girl died and her kids were not in the house. When the cops got there they had to take the guy bake to the station.

The cops could not find the kids nowhere.there is no tilling how long they have been missing he told the cops i come back to the house within 4 hours of looking for the mom at the story because we was going out to lunch. The kid had told me that she had want out to get food. The cops had to keep him there for about 2 hours because for all they know he could have killed her. They keep asking him the same question over and over to see if his story changed. It did not so they let him go home.

The kids were still nowhere to be find they put out a search party to find they. No one find they they search every in the town will that is what they thought. The people that helped want to find the kids so bad they stayed up for days. No one know where they was and everyone was hoping to find to kids soon so that nothing would happen to them.

Kid for 4 days now. People was still trying to find them no one was going to give even if the kids where died. On the 5th day they find the youngest kid. She had been at underground homeless shelter. They find her on the roads going to get something eat they stook back to the station to question about what happened and where her sister is. She would not talk at all. Her sister had told her not to say nothing about what happen or she was. The sister just what her baby sister off the road and somewhere were she could be took care of and loved.

The cop was trying to get answers from the kid and she would not say nothing at all. The cop told her that if she did not say where her sister was and what happen to her mom then they was going to have to keep her overnight. She still would not talk. She was so mad and upset that she could not remember what happened and she told the cops that but they would not lessen at all. They pushed and pushed till she just blew up on they. She regretted to what she had said . She told them what she thought had happened and where the last place she seen her sister.

The cops thought that she was lying because of what they know about the muter. She had no idea what she had told them just that she missed up a lot. She has no idea what she is going to do now. The oldest sister just want to be on her on now and no one to bother her and her sister ruined that for her.

The oldest was staying wherever she could. She had to go back home for some food there at the house there was a cop. She had not see the cop there so she just walked right in and the cop was right there in front of her. He handcuffed her and took her down town. They asked her questions about it and come to find out she killed the mom and now she is in prison for a long time.


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