DIGITAL MOTIFS A New concept In Art presentatioN unveiled: The Beginning

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Your memories are as artifacts etched into the subconsciousness of the brain. For the first time, Digital Motifs allows you the show the beauty of those memories through art...

Conceptual Photography...the content is the physical part of the composition and the two are presented as a whole. The arrangement can create a 3-D plus 1 effect. Your Virtuoso will counsel with you to help achieve the best aura for your decor.

Guess what? That's my wedding ring. . .

"Clear HunterGreen" by Zherron


Great-grandmother's heirloom breathes new life
Grandmother's "Willow Blue Bird" dinnerware pattern becomes a contemporary art piece...
A wedding cake topper (Priceless)
Portrait: DIGITAL MOTIFS. / Room Designer (unknown via Google)

Modern Art entitled "Wedding Bliss", by Zherron

My daughter's choice of room decor

My daughter's choice of room decor'. Digital print of deceased grandfather's "Tie pin" from 1968. The only relic left of my father's.

Artifact purchased (Google images)
The late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing once stated, 'everyone should have African art in their home; it changes your consciousness...'. Nigerian Nok Sculpture file: Lourve 70-1998-11-1.jpg (Google)
Let's upgrade great- grandma's heirloom with a Digital Motif's piece... (Note: Artwork is done from personal owner's piece; in home artifacts only, as not to take away from original Hummel & credits.)
What better way to complement a timeless piece?

Customer wanted their deceased parent's fish done with a modern theme, but with no real changes to the piece. . . We transcend.

Murano Glass Fish $650
Digital Motifs Artpiece
DIGITAL MOTIFS art work. Room Designer (Unknown via Google / Credits to the Murano fish as the primary source)

Intelligentual Property of artifacts usage for Digital Motifs falls under "derivative works" which is not to defame or discredit the author...

Created By
Zherron Kidd


(Pictures of room decor are of Artwork of purchased artifacts are DIGITAL MOTIFS, and the pieces are credited to their original artists. The work we do is to complement your own taste and style, indiscriminately...

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