Farmer's Market A Blackbird Academy Fundamentals Lesson

  • What's your favourite fruit?
  • Apples?
  • Strawberries?
  • Blueberries?
  • Is there another fruit you really like?
  • There are many kinds of delicious vegetables, too
  • What is your favourite vegetable?
  • A Farmer's Market is a great place to buy fruits, vegetables, and other good things to eat
  • A Farmer's Market is a place where farmers sell the food they grow on their farms
  • Our city, Vancouver, has many Farmer's Markets
  • Let's look at some pictures of Farmer's Markets. What do you see? What are the people doing?
  • Have you been to a Farmer's Market?
  • Maybe you went to a Farmer's Market with your family to buy fruits and vegetables...and have a delicious treat!
  • Other things you can buy at a Farmer's Markets are: bread, meat, cheese, things to drink, and flowers
  • You can also buy crafts (like jewelry and pottery)
Bread and pottery
  • The food at Farmer's Markets is grown on farms that are close to Vancouver.
A small farm with chickens, vegetables...and a farmer!
  • Some of the food is even grown in the city of Vancouver!
A community garden in Vancouver, with vegetables and flowers
  • When food comes from farms that are close to the city, it is really fresh
  • Fresh food tastes delicious and is very good for us
  • Farmer's Markets are fun
  • You might hear someone playing music, or see someone making magic!
What instruments are they playing?
A balloon artist
  • You can try new foods at a Farmer's Market; we call these 'samples'
Sampling fruit juice at a Farmer's Market
  • It's fun to talk with the farmers;
  • They can tell you all about their food: how they grow it, how to cook name it!
  • There is a Farmer's Market very close to Blackbird Academy
  • It's called the Yaletown Farmer's Market
  • Maybe you will go there with your family!
Yaletown Farmer's Market
  • See you there!
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