The Bulls' iconic block D.


The Bull City.

A city rich with history and attitude deserves to be honored as such, and the Durham Bulls' new uniforms for the 2018 season blend both the history and pride the City exudes.

The team's new home jersey hearkens back to the Bulls' uniforms from the mid-2000s, as the famous 'D' logo returns to a prominent spot on the front of the uniform. However, the numbers on the front and back jump off the jersey in the team's burnt orange, a stark contrast to the blue 'D.'

Moving forward, it was important that 'Durham' return to the front of the team's road jersey. In the last iteration of the Bulls' away uniform, only the team name emblazoned the front. Now, the city the team calls home will be prominently featured for road games.

Finally, the Bulls' new alternate jersey is all about Bull City pride. The team's Snorting Bull has been removed from the block 'D,' and inside the word 'City' is proudly featured. The burnt orange resting on the blue makes for a bright, vibrant uniform that players can wear with dignity.

From designer Brian Begley: "The Bull City design is one of my favorites. Using just the bull from the primary logo, I created the lettering for, 'CITY' to fill the guts of this element. This design represents the winning Durham community with history and class."

The Bulls will debut their new uniforms on April 5, when they take on the Charlotte Knights at the DBAP to open the 2018 season.

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