We are all one

On Thursday February 16th, "Day Without Immigrants" shut down part of Nashville. The social media led protest led to results which closed businesses and had students skipping schools to prove the importance of immigrants in an economical and social standpoint.

In 2012, Nashville had the fastest-growing immigrant population of any American city.

The goal for today is for the president to notice how important immigrants are for the country and for the economy, to show how bad it would be for the economy if immigrants weren’t in this country.

Businesses closed to support employees, but some chose not to. Those that didn't couldn't afford to lose business for the day but strongly recognized the hard work that immigrants do for their business everyday.

Foreign-born residents in Nashville have more than doubled over the past decade. Nearly 12 percent of the population was born outside of the United States, and nearly half of those people are recent immigrants who entered the country since 2000.

As of 2012, there were 11.4 million illegal immigrants and over 40 million legal immigrants in the US. Without immigrants, the US would lose closely to one sixth of its population. A population that is extremely intertwined in the foundation of this country.

In this time of a divided nation, we should stand together.


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