Book Report S2E 37 Kemmy Lai

  • Title: The World Without Us
  • Author: Alan Weiman
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Thomas Dunne Books
  • Genre: non-fiction
  • ISBN: 978-0-312-34729-1
  • No. Of pages: 336


This book has bring out some situations after people are not on the world .For example, after a few days after the disappearance of human, floods in New York subway system bagan to corrupt the city's roots. In addition, the road will give way to the real jungle; countless birds will have their freedom.

Land will be covered by forests; animals and creatures will rule the world once again; nature will return to life and the ecological balance will become normal.

I agree to this quote because earth is like mothers of you and mine , she provides everything for us . Without her, no one is able to survive .


After reading this book, I've noticed that the author wants to use his predictions to tell the readers that : if people have never existed, the world will be much better than how it is nowadays. People didn't care the environment and this makes me sad and wants to say sorry.


All of us should appreciate and treasure our world because this is the reason that we borned on here. Everyone who is reading this book report, let's rescue our earth now immediately because we are the ones who make it sick and so we should fix the problem by ourselves. It's never too late to make things right , let's take action from now on!

The End

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