Below are pictures of flashcards that I created to study for a Biol 1060 lab quiz. I had one week to study (from one lab to the next). This quiz would be based on an animal histology lab from the previous week and we had to be able to identify 13 different tissues and their structures. Rather than studying PowerPoint slides, I decided the most efficient way to study would be with flashcards. In order to learn them, I spent 15 minutes learning the first half of them 15 minutes again later learning the second half of them. After this, I went through the whole pile once and "tested" myself on what I had learned. There were four that I was unable to identify at that time. Later that night I went back and reviewed them half-and-half again. The next day I tested myself again and I only missed two. Then, I spent thirty minutes going over all of them until I felt I had made sufficient progress in being able to identify them all. I repeated this process every day up until the quiz so that I could be sure that I knew them all. I got an 85% on the actual quiz.

Set of flashcards used for a biology lab quiz.

The Quizlet Self-Test is a set of Quizlet flashcards that I made into a test based on a module that we completed in my Nutrition class. This module focused on nutritional deficiencies, what causes them, what foods can help/hinder absorbance, and good sources of those foods. Before turning these flashcards into a test, I used them to study and get a handle on the material. I spent about 15 minutes after every lecture for a week specifically on learning this set of flashcards. When I felt comfortable with the material, I formed them into a self-test and used that to continue my studying. I kept going a little bit every day until I was able to get a 100% on the self-test without looking at my notes, and then I did it again and again until the test, which I made an 80% on.

The next two pictures are "mind maps" of the zones of the ocean from a recent BIOL 1040 lecture. The first picture (left) was the first attempt immediately after lecture and having looked over the notes once. I attempted to take all of the slides and put them together in one cohesive map that would be easier to study, as I tend to be a visual learner. The first attempt was sloppy and not entirely right, but pretty good for the most part. After revision and some more review, the next day I completely put the notes away and tried to recreate this map from memory. I did well and only had to consult my notes to ensure that I had the right depths for the twilight and no light zones.

Two "mind maps" of the zones of the ocean for BIOL 1040.


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